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Wild Earth Nepal

DOUBLE DORJE TABLE COVER for BELL & DORJE - Red Silver 'D' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense
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Puja Table Cover for Bell & Dorje Silver 'D' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense
A popular brocade table cover with a vibrant Double Dorje design. Perfect for placing your Bell and Dorje or other ritual items on.

approx 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches
rich golden red brocade with double dorje or vajra design
Hand crafted in Nepal
Nado Poizokhang grade all of their incense according to the 'potency', rarity and quantity of the ingredients contained in their blends. It does not mean that the ingredients in Grade D incense are of a lower grade than the A, B or C varieties. All grades contain only the purest natural herbs, barks and resins. The other grades (A, B and C) contain a greater quanitity of medicinal ingredients. This incense is a more gentle harmonious blend, suitable for burning at all times.

Sandalwood, clove, red sandalwood, major cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, aquilaria agallocha, pure honey, cane sugar, shorea robusta, jatamansi, cinnamomum camphora and juniper powder are all included.

Recommended for the practice of Riwo Sangchod and Surzey

Approximately 35 sticks – 8.75 inches long. 1 hour + burntime
Rare Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Vajrapani Figurine CHENREZIG THANGKA - Karma Gadri
Our Price: £700.00
Our Price: £780.00
Rare Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Vajrapani Figurine CHENREZIG THANGKA
Crafted by special commission! This is one of only three pieces that will be made available.

A very rare hand carved lapis lazuli Vajrapani in his peaceful form. In his right hand he holds a vajra and he is seated in the shade of a tree. The reverse side has also been beautifully carved.

Material: Natural AAA grade Lapis Lazuli
2.2 inches x 1.8 inches
weight 48 grams
A fantastic hand painted thangka of Chenrezig. Painted in the Karma Gadri style.

Please note that this Thangka will be coming directly from our artist in Nepal, so will take 3 to 4 months to complete. You will receive a Thangka of equal quality, painted by the same artist as the picture shown. It will be worth the wait!

Canvas Size:
approx width = 16 inches
approx height =  24 inches
Approx Size incl Brocade:
height = 51 inches
width = 31 inches

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Fully Gilded Copper Stupa - 7.5 inches

Our Price: £345.00
Fully Gilded Copper Stupa - 7.5 inches
A fine quality fully gilded copper Stupa or Chorten. The base is hollow to allow for consecration.

Fulyl Fire gilded with 24K gold
Height approx 7.5 inches Sourced in Nepal

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