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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and the
happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Wild Earth Nepal

Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche KAPALA STAND with Smiling Skulls
Our Price: £13.99
Our Price: £54.95
Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche KAPALA STAND with Smiling Skulls
What would you see if you looked directly at your mind? The Tibetan Buddhist teachings on mahamudra are known for their ability to lead to profound realization. Peaceful and infinitely adaptable, these teachings are as useful for today's busy world as they have been for centuries. Written by the tutor to the seventeenth Karmapa, "Essentials of Mahamudra" is a commentary on Tashi Namgyal's famous "Moonlight of Mahamudra"--a text that the sixteenth Karmapa had identified as the most valuable for Westerners. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche recognized that Western meditators don't just need to know how to maintain meditation practice; they need to know why they should do it. Unmatched in its directness, "Essentials of Mahamudra" addresses both these needs, rendering one of the most advanced forms of meditation for our everyday lives. A rare quality copper and brass kapala tripod that is based on a known antique design. Each piece displays curved feet and a smiling skull design.

adjustable to fit all sizes of kapala
Hand crafted in Nepal
height approx 160 mm (4 inches)
width approx 125 mm (4 inches)

kapala is not included
Riwo Sangcho Bhutanese Incense from Chimi Poe Jorkhang MEDICINE BUDDHA HEALING WOODEN PRAYER WHEEL ~ 10.5 MILLION MANTRAS ~ Walnut
Our Price: £9.95
Our Price: £295.00
Riwo Sangcho Bhutanese Incense from Chimi Poe Jorkhang Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer Wheel
Newly Arrived!

Garuda Trading is the first store to introduce this incense outside of Bhutan.

A fine Bhutanese Riwo Sangcho incense crafted from a blend of the purest Himalayan ingredients. Hand gathered and prepared in Bhutan to aid the practice of Riwo Sangcho. The practice of Riwo Sangcho is a terma concealed by Guru Rinpoche and was introduced by the Terton Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé in the 17th Century. It is a profound liberation teaching that incorporates the practice of sang or incense offering.

100% Natural Herbal Ingredients
Approximately 18 to 20 sticks – 10 inches long. 1 hour + burntime

Available to order - please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery!

Please click image for more information. The 10.5 Million Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer Wheel ~ Natural Walnut Wood. height approx 13 inches (this is the largest handle available) Drum diameter approx 3 inches Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action. contains 10.5 Million 'Teyata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha' mantras on microfilm

In the Spotlight!

Dreep Sang - Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder

Our Price: £22.95
Dreep Sang - Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder - 250 gms
NEW! Available for the first time outside of Bhutan.

A superfine highly medicinal Sang powder for purification. Known as Dreep Sang or Drip-Sang it is a precious blend of the six medicinal ingredients, five aromatic herbs and Rinchen Nge Nga or five precious gems. Traditionally used in Tibet and the Himalayan regions to make special offerings to the three jewels and the guardians of the 10 directions. It is believed that burning Dreep Sang will purify karmic obstacles and create a more harmonious and balanced environment for all beings.

approx 250 grams
100% Natural Ingredients
Hand crafted in Bhutan

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