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Are you unaware of the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death?
There is no permanent circumstance even today. The time
has come to bring forth enthusiasm for practice.
~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

AUTUMN LEAVES JAPANESE INCENSE Heart Lamp: The Heart of the Matter and Lamp of Mahamudra
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AUTUMN LEAVES JAPANESE INCENSE Heart Lamp: The Heart of the Matter and Lamp of Mahamudra
A fine Japanese incense with the gentle spicy sweetness of cinnamon against a deep fragrant background of sandalwood. Combined with patchouli, gum benzoin and other medicinal plants to capture Kyoto in the fall.

Long rolls of 35 sticks.
60 minute burntime
Tsele Natsok Rangdröl’s (born c. 1608) writings are considered critical tools for the modern student of non-conceptual meditation practice, in particular those who pursue the paths of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. His works are renowned in the Kagyü and Nyingma schools of Tibetan Buddhism for his brilliant scholarship, profound exposition, and meditative accomplishment. Comprised of two of his most important texts, this collection presents four essential Buddhist strands of philosophical viewpoint and meditation technique: the teachings of the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) body of literature; the philosophy of the Middle Way; Mahamudra meditation; and Dzogchen teachings and practice.
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A super fine traditional thangka depicting Machik Labdrön, who was one of the greatest realised yoginis of Tibet. It is painted in the Karma Gadri style by a Tibetan artist with 30 years experience. This thangka is not to be confused with the much cheaper thangkas available from Nepal. Everything about this piece speaks quality. It is painted using natural stone pigment paints, which is very uncommon in todays marketplace. The rich brocade frame is absolutely exquisite and really complements this piece.

traditionally mounted with richly patterned maroon and golden yellow brocade
approx 50 inches height
approx 34 inches wide
A premium quality Japanese incense with a highly evocative aroma and a long 60 minute burn time. Includes pure sandalwood blended with a spicy touch of cinnamon and cloves.

Contents: approximately 35 sticks
Cloudless Sky: The Mahamudra Path of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu School Srid-pa-ho Protection Mandala ~ Fine Art Giclee Print
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Cloudless Sky Srid-pa-ho Protection Mandala
The third Jamgön Kongtrul (1954-1992), Buddhist monk and teacher, was one of the heads of the Kagyü order of Tibetan Buddhism.

In this book he provides a commentary on the vajra song (vajra doha) of the first Jamgön Kongtrul ("the Great"), sung upon realizing mahamudra. Masters have often expressed their insights in the form of these songs, whose meaning is considered indestructable and unchanging. This particular doha is part of the Kagyü Gurtso, or "Ocean of Kagyü Songs."

From the foreword: "Using the vajra song as a starting point, Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche presents both an overview of mahamudra, the heart of the Kagyu teachings, and some very practical advice for those who wish to tread upon the mahamudra path.
A fantastic thangka reproduction, printed on canvas. This astrological thangka is believed to guard against disaster, featuring the three Bodhisattva protectors (Manjushri, Chenrezig, and Vajrapani).

Tibetan sacred art is revered as a creation of enlightened consciousness. Its brilliant colors and forms awaken the mind and energize consciousness; its images stimulate capacities for visualization and nourish the heart. By evoking and communicating the qualities of realization directly, these images assure that insight will not be reduced to abstract concepts, but will remain a living experience. Tibetan pratictioners have used these precious images for over twelve hundred years to open the path of wisdom.

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A very fine hand hammered copper serkyem that displays superfine engraving to both the raised base and offering cup.

Height approx 7 inches
base diameter 6 inches
Hand crafted in Nepal

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