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100 MILLION MANI KHORL0 WOODEN PRAYER WHEEL ~ Natural Walnut Wood Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
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Our Price: £10.99
100 Million Mantra Wooden Prayer Wheel Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
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The 100 Million Mani Mantra Prayer Wheel. ~ Natural Walnut Wood
- the original mantra was hand written by the 14th Dalai Lama

height approx 13 inches
Drum diameter approx 3 inches
Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action.
contains 100 Million 'Om Mani Peme Hung' mantras on microfilm

Author: Sogyal Rinpoche

This runaway bestseller explains the Tibetan understanding of what happens when a person dies, and shows how we can use this knowledge to help the dying, face the death of our loved ones and deepen our understanding of life. Already hailed as a classic, it is written by a well known teacher with an international following. Rinpoche brings together for the first time the majestic vision of life and death that underlies the Tibetan tradition and modern research on death and dying.
AMITABHA in Dewachen Visualisation Card Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Incense - Silver - 45 to 50 sticks
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AMITABHA VISUALISATION CARD Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Incense - Silver
Known as the compassionate Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitabha guides beings toward a favorable rebirth in Dewachen.

Colorful images of enlightenment for visualization and meditation, each laminated Sacred Art Card features a traditional brocade border and has a description and mantra of the deity or mandala on the back.

Size: 5 ◊ 7″

produced by Dharma Publishing
A large size pack of Lopen Tharpola Bhutanese incense. This 'Special Zimpoi' contains premium grade medicinal herbs and plant resins that are mainly found high in the Himalayas. Some of the prized ingredients include: clove, cardamom, nutmeg, carthamus, saffron, cinnamon, rhododendron, Sandalwood and other herbal ingredients and spices. Burning this incense is believed to enhance meditation practice, relaxation and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Free from chemicals and artificial scents. 100% natural!

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Large Silver & Turquoise Gau - Oval Shape

Our Price: £65.00
Large Silver & Turquoise Gau - Oval Shape
A superb silver and turquoise gau. The back opens to allow storage of blessed items.

Width approx 32 mm
Height approx 38 mm

Each stone will vary slightly to the picture shown, but all are of comparable quality.

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