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Above: A Tibetan man spins a giant prayer wheel in Boudhanath, Nepal

Prayer wheels have a long history within the Tibetan Buddhist and Bon traditions. Traditionally they contain rolls of paper hand printed with mantras. Spinning a prayer wheel with pure intention is thought to increase compassion, purify negativity, remove barriers to enlightenment and brings benefit to all beings within the six realms. They are spun clockwise in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and counter-clockwise in the Bon tradition.

"To benefit sentient beings, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas manifest in the prayer wheel to purify all our negative karma and obscurations, and to cause us to actualize the realizations of the path to enlightenment. All the beings (not only the people but also animals and insects) in the area where the prayer wheel is built are saved from rebirth in the lower realms. They receive a deva or human body, or are born in a pure land of Buddha. If you have a mani prayer wheel in your house, your house is the same as the Potala, the pure land of the Compassion Buddha. If you have a prayer wheel next to you when you die, you don't need powa. Having the prayer wheel itself becomes a method to transfer your consciousness to a pure land. Simply thinking of a prayer wheel helps a dying person to shoot the consciousness up the central channel and out through the crown to reincarnate in the pure land of Amithaba or the Compassion Buddha" ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

We stock the finest hand crafted wooden prayer wheels available in the marketplace.

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OLD TIBETAN PRAYER WHEEL from East Tibet- Mid 20th C
Our Price: £340.00

A beautiful old Tibetan prayer wheel filled with a paper scroll of mantras and then covered in black leather to protect the prayers from damage. A style that is particularly favoured in East Tibet. This piece displays a lovely usage patina and spins very nicely. The top of the drum sits on a wooden handle with an old coin at the apex to help the drum spin. It has a heavy metal counterbalance. It is now very difficult to find old prayer wheels in such nice condition.

Origin: East Tibet
Age: Early to Mid 20th C
Material: Wooden Handle with Leatherbound prayers.
length 10.5 inches

Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer Wheel
Our Price: £225.00

Please click image for more information.

The 10 Million Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer Wheel ~ Natural Maple Wood with dark finish.

height approx 9 inches (this is the shortest handle available)
Drum diameter approx 2.5 inches
Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action.
contains 10 Million 'Teyata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha' mantras on microfilm
Green Tara Mantra Prayer Wheel
Our Price: £225.00

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The 10 Million Green Tara Mantra Prayer Wheel. ~ Natural Walnut Wood height approx 9 inches (this is the shortest handle available) Drum diameter approx 2.5 inches Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action.

contains 10 Million 'Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha' mantras on microfilm The outside of the drum displays the Om Mani Peme Hung mantra in traditional

Comes with a faceted crystal at the apex.
Small Solar Powerered Golden Prayer Wheel - Om Mani Peme Hung
Small Solar Powered Golden Prayer Wheel - Om Mani Peme Hung
Our Price: £34.95


A wonderful solar powered prayer wheel that is comprised of two spinning wheels (one large and one small). Simply place near a light source (windows are great) to allow the wheel to spin effortlessly. The outside of the drum has the Om Mani Peme Hung mantra of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Inside the drum is also many Om Mani Peme Hung mantras printed on a paper scroll.

A great eco-friendly gift that can be placed in the home or office. Will also work under a bright lamp.

colour: Gold
height 4.5 inches
width 3.5 inches
Sourced in Nepal
Table Prayer Wheel with Brocade
Table Prayer Wheel with Brocade ~ Chenrezig or Guru Rinpoche
Our Price: £59.95
Sale Price: £30.00
You save £29.95!

A great compact table prayer wheel. The drum has been covered with blue or red brocade with a Tibetan cloud design. Each wheel contains thousands of Om Mani Peme Hung or Benza Guru Mantras printed on paper. The drum sits on a hand painted wooden lotus base. Only one finger is needed to turn the drum, making this an ideal piece to sit on a puja table or even an office desk.  

Each drum is sealed with brocade and cannot be opened.
Height approx 3.5 inches
Diameter approx 6 inches
hand crafted by Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

Two types to choose from: The Chenrezig wheel dispays blue brocade and the Guru Rinpoche displays red brocade.
The Wheel of Great Compassion
The Wheel of Great Compassion
Our Price: £24.50

An extremely useful and inspiring publication, the Wheel of Great Compassion is the first book to provide Western readers with a complete understanding of the prayer wheel. The use of the Mani Korlo is an ancient and powerful practice that has long been popular with Buddhists throughout Tibet and Mongolia. The prayer wheel is recognised as a very skillful means to bless the environment, promote healing, increase compassion, and assist practitioners on their journeys to enlightenment.

This book offers a clear description of prayer wheel practice, its meaning and benefits, and its role as an essential ritual and symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. It contains a general introduction to the prayer wheel, photographs and illustrations, six commentaries by Tibetan lamas (including Lama Zopa Rinpoche), and instructions for both prayer wheel construction and proper use. This is a must for anyone seriously interested in enhancing their dharma practice.

paperback; 168 pages
Table Prayer Wheel
Table Prayer Wheel
Our Price: £14.95
Sale Price: £7.95
You save £7.00!

Reduced to clear! Please note that there may be slight imperfections or makers blemishes on the wheels.

Description: A small hand painted table top prayer wheel.

Height approx 6.5 inches Diameter 3.7 inches
hand crafted by Tibetan refugees in Nepal.
Conch Disc for Prayer Wheel
Conch Disc for Prayer Wheel
Our Price: £3.50

Traditional prayer wheels usually rotate on a round conch disc. They are already pierced.

Diameter approx 30 mm
Diameter of hole approx 3 mm
Sourced in Nepal
Due to the nature of shell there will be slight colour variations in each piece.
Antique Copper Table Prayer Wheel - 19th C
Antique Copper Table Prayer Wheel - 19th C


A delightful antique table top prayer wheel with the mani mantra in ranjana script on the outside of the drum. The original scroll of Tibetan mantras is housed inside the drum and these have been covered to protect them with an outer fabric layer. This fabric has also been painted on the outside with the mani mantra and sealed on the top and bottom with a dark resin. The copper on the outside was once gilded and now only faint traces of this remain. Each glass window is framed with silver. Small wheels such as this would have sat on a table so they could easily be spun whilst reciting prayers. To set the mantras in motion you simply spin the metal rod at the apex.

Age: 19th C
Origin: Tibet
Private British Collection
Material: Copper, silver and roll of paper with wood block printed mantras.
Height of copper housing approx 3.25 inches
width approx 2.25 inches