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Wild Earth Nepal

Rare Quality Ritual Conch Shell Trumpet ornamented with silver, turquoise & coral Antique Chinese Incense Burner or Censer - Early 20th C
Our Price: £895.00
Our Price: £180.00
Rare Quality Ritual Conch Shell Trumpet ornamented with repoussé silver and turquoise & coral Antique Chinese Incense Burner or Censer - Early 20th C
A rare quality Indian conch or chank shell trumpet that has been ornamented with silver and has coral and turquoise inlay. The silver is engraved with a floral motif. A wonderful ritual instrument or alternatively a fine altar offering to represent the 'melodious sound of the Dharma'.

Material: Indian Conch (Chank) ornamented with silver
inlaid with genuine coral and turquoise cabachons.
Origin: Nepal/Himalayan
Age: 20th C
length 8.25 inches
width 3.5 inches
An impressive dark bronze traditional ritual incense burner or censer. Decorated with a bird and flower motif and with elephant head handles. Larger than normally seen and with additional suspension hoops at the handles. Perfect for burning resins and traditional Tibetan sang.

Age: late 19th/early 20th C
Origin: China
Condition: A robust burner in very good condition. Patina commensurate with age.
Material: Bronze/Brass alloy
Height approx 5 inches
width at widest point approx 6 inches

To purchase traditional sang, resin and charcoal please visit the sang incense section.

Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava 2 Vols Guru Padmasambhava with Bodhisattvas Giclee Print
Our Price: £34.95
Guru Padmasambhava Giclee Print
Author(s) : Yeshe Tsogyal & Douglas, Kenneth & Bays, Gwendolyn

The inspiring and illuminating biography of the Indian tantric master who brought Buddhism to Tibet, revered as a second Buddha. This beautifully produced two volume set, with 58 colour plates, gives the complete biography of Padmasambhava, or Guru Rinpoche, as recorded by his main female disciple and consort, Yeshe Tsogyal. This text known as the Padma bKa`i Thang was rediscovered by the terton Urgyen Lingpa, and this work is a translation into English from the French edition.
The Lotus-born Guru Padmasambhava. In his right hand he holds a vajra, symbol of spiritual power; in his left is a skullcap filled with nectar and a vase holding the elixer of immortality. Directly above him is Amitabha, Buddha of Boundless Light. To the left is Amitayus, Buddha of Infinite Life, and to the right is Green Tara. Below are the three great Bodhisattvas: Avalokiteshvara (center), embodiment of compassion; Manjushri (left), manifestation of enlightened wisdom, and Vajrapani (right), protector of the teachings and embodiement of their power.

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Bikou Kobunboku Baieido Incense - 190 sticks

Our Price: £18.95
Bikou Kobunboku Baieido Incense - 190 sticks
Bikou means "delicate incense" and is a more subtle version of the traditional Kobunboku formula. Very soft and fresh, with just a hint of Chinese herbs and Cassia.

Also includes: Sandalwood and Aloeswood.

Baieido uses only the highest quality Indian Sandalwood in making this incense.

Approximately 190 short sticks.
Stick length: Approx 13 cms
Burn time per stick:
About 30 minutes per stick
Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan
Finest Quality!

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