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Wild Earth Nepal

Zangdrup Incense Powder - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense - 100 grams Rare Meteorite Wrathful Sky Iron Vajra - 14th C Terma Replica
Our Price: 14.50
Zangdrup Incense Powder  - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense Rare Meteorite Wrathful Sky Iron Vajra - 14th C Terma Replica
Top of the range Bhutanese incense powder!
100 grams.

This is amongst the finest Himalayan incense powders currently available in the marketplace. Made by Bhutan's oldest incense maker, this is a super fine hand blended incense powder. Perfect for your sang offerings and ritual ceremonies. Incense of this quality has been prized by Yogis and Yoginis since ancient times, and plays an important role in daily ritual practice. This precious formula is believed to come from a hidden terma of Guru Padmasambhava, and further instructions on the practice of making it were later given by Ju Mipham. It contains all kinds of medicinal ingredients which are needed for essential offerings and purification ceremonies. It also contains prized ingredients that are needed to consecrate statues.
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Wrathful Meteorite Sky Iron Five Prong Vajra

- Based on a known Guru Padmasambhava Terma discovered in the 14th century.

A powerful hand crafted bronze Five Prong Vajra with an incredibly rare Siberian meteorite central prong and meteorite centre. With eight Dharmapala faces to enhance the overall wrathful quality of the piece. Guaranteed to be crafted from authentic Seymchan iron meteorite, which was first discovered in Siberia in 1967. Each piece is hand crafted by a master artisan who is unsurpassed in the making of ritual vajras in modern times.
Our Price: 59.95
Our Price: 14.95
A rare quality copper and brass kapala tripod that is based on a known antique design. Each piece displays vajra feet and a smiling skull design.

Adjustable to fit all sizes of kapala
Sourced in Nepal
height approx 160 mm (6 inches)
width approx 125 mm (5 inches)

kapala is not included
Place your bell and vajra and other ritual items on this wonderful Mahakala or Dharmapala table cover. Displays an embroidered Dharmapala face on a golden yellow background.

Hand crafted in Nepal
approx 10 inches x 8.5 inches

In the Spotlight!

Fine Iron Ritual Phurba - 8 inches

Our Price: 115.00
Fine Iron Ritual Phurba - 8 inches
A superfine hand crafted iron phurba with a more understated cornerless cube (knotwork) design. This is our largest Phurba with this design.

Origin: Nepal
Phurba length approx 8 inches
Phurba width approx 30 mm
stand not included

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