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Wild Earth Nepal

OSMANTHUS JAPANESE INCENSE Happiness 'Grade A' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense - Large Roll
Our Price: £4.50
Our Price: £15.95
OSMANTHUS JAPANESE INCENSE Happiness 'Grade A' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense
A premium quality Japanese incense with the fruity and distinguished nectar of Osmanthus, a flowering plant that is native to Japan.

Contents: approximately 35 sticks
30 minute burntime
Top of the range Bhutanese incense sticks!

Prized by monasteries and Buddhists throughout the Himalayan regions, 'Happiness' incense is regarded as Nado's finest in their range. Packed with precious medicinal herbs and plant resins that are only found high in the Himalayas. The recipe has been used by Tibetan and Himalayan yogins for many centuries and it is believed to support general well being and enhance meditation and yoga practice. It is considered a superior incense for offering to the enlightened ones.

Includes: Sausarea Lapps, Nardostchys Jatamansi (Spikenard), Safflower, Saffron and Red and White Sandalwood.

Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Bhutanese Incense - Yellow - Approx 30 sticks Lotus Flower Table Brocade for Bhumpa Vase
Our Price: £8.50
Our Price: £13.95
Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Incense - Yellow Lotus Flower Table Brocade
A standard size pack of hand rolled Lopen Tharpola Incense. Containing premium grade medicinal herbs and plant resins that are mainly found high in the Himalayas. Some of the prized ingredients include: clove, cardamom, nutmeg, carthamus, saffron, cinnamon, rhododendron, Sandalwood and other herbal ingredients and spices. Burning this incense is believed to enhance meditation practice, relaxation and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Free from chemicals and artificial scents. 100% natural!
A gorgeous Tibetan table brocade in the shape of a lotus flower. Designed to sit under all types of traditional Bhumpa vases.

Silk Brocade
diameter approx 130 mm
Hand crafted, so the colour of brocade may vary.

In the Spotlight!

Small Copper Black Dzambhala Statue - 3.5 inches

Our Price: £65.00
Small Copper Black Dzambhala Statue - 3.5 inches
A delightful statue of standing Black Dzambhala (Kubera). This piece is hand crafted from copper.

hand crafted in Nepal
height approx 3.5 inches

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Our Price: £45.00
Our Price: £4.50
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