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Wild Earth Nepal

Silver 'D' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense Rare Meteorite Sky Iron Phurba or Kila - 10 inches
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Silver 'D' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense Rare Meteorite Phurba or Kila
Nado Poizokhang grade all of their incense according to the 'potency', rarity and quantity of the ingredients contained in their blends. It does not mean that the ingredients in Grade D incense are of a lower grade than the A, B or C varieties. All grades contain only the purest natural herbs, barks and resins. The other grades (A, B and C) contain a greater quanitity of medicinal ingredients. This incense is a more gentle harmonious blend, suitable for burning at all times.

Sandalwood, clove, red sandalwood, major cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, aquilaria agallocha, pure honey, cane sugar, shorea robusta, jatamansi, cinnamomum camphora and juniper powder are all included.

Recommended for the practice of Riwo Sangchod and Surzey

Approximately 35 sticks – 8.75 inches long. 1 hour + burntime
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A magnificent hand crafted bronze phurba with an incredibly rare Siberian meteorite blade. Guaranteed to be crafted from authentic Seymchan iron meteorite, which was first discovered in Siberia in 1967. Each piece is hand crafted by a master metal worker who is unsurpassed in the making of ritual phurbas in modern times. It is believed that Tibetans have an ancient tradition of using meteoric iron for ritual Phurbas, however, very few genuine pieces have survived or are known to exist. There is often mention of Guru Rinpoche or Yeshe Tsogyal concealing meteoric phurbas as terma and quite a number have been re-discovered over the centuries. The immense power of a meteorite when it falls to earth is so destructive in nature that it is easy to see why sky metal is the most sought after material for ritual phurbas.
Golden Waves Ceremonial Japanese Temple Incense - Finest DOUBLE DORJE TABLE COVER for BELL & DORJE - Blue
Our Price: £77.95
Our Price: £14.95
Golden Waves Ceremonial Japanese Temple Incense Puja Table Cover for Bell & Dorje
This is a superior 100% natural Japanese temple incense with sticks of an exceptional size. The burn time is an incredible 2 hours 30 minutes for each stick.

A vibrant and deeply meditative blend of aloeswood with rich plant musk and sandalwood.

Highly recommended!

Each pack contains 25 sticks Length 36 cm
Burn time 2 h 30 each.
A popular brocade table cover with a vibrant Double Dorje design. Perfect for placing your Bell and Dorje or other ritual items on.

approx 9 inches x 9 inches
rich golden blue brocade with double dorje or vajra design
Hand crafted in Nepal

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Fine Smoky Quartz Mala - 8 mm

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Fine Smoky Quartz Mala - 8 mm
A gorgeous 108 bead gemstone mala with superfine smoky quartz beads and smoky quartz guru bead.

bead size 8 mm
Strung on stong braided nylon cord with agate/sardonyx beaded tassle.

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