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Wild Earth Nepal

KAPALA STAND - 8 inches Guru Dragphur or Guru Drakpo Statue - 9 inches
Our Price: 74.95
Our Price: 525.00
KAPALA STAND Guru Dragphur or Guru Drakpo Statue - 9 inches
A rare quality copper and brass kapala tripod that is based on a known antique design. Each piece displays vajra feet and a smiling skull design. This is the largest size stand of this style that we have in our inventory. adjustable to fit all sizes of kapala

Hand crafted in Nepal
height approx 200 mm (8 inches)
width approx 125 mm (5 inches)
kapala is not included
In stock!

A large dark copper statue of Guru Dragphur (also spelt Dragpo), a wrathful form of Guru Rinpoche who holds a scorpion and vajra. There is a window compartment on the back of the body to allow relics or mantras to be sealed inside.

Hand crafted using the Lost Wax process in Nepal.
Material: Copper
height approx 9 inches
AUSADHA PREMIUM AYURVEDIC INCENSE - Premium Dhoop Factory Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche
Our Price: 12.00
Our Price: 13.99
Ausadha Premium Grade Ayurvedic Incense Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche
Himalayan Healing Ayurvedic Sticks

Ausadha is the Sanskrit word for medicine. Prepared entirely by hand, the ingredients are blended and hand-ground according to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. Ausadha has a wonderful calming effect on the mind, so is an ideal aid to meditation and relaxation. According to the texts it helps soothe the nervous system and mental disturbances. It has also been found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy and nervous twitching etc.

Free from harmful artificial chemicals.
100% natural herbal ingredients. Including: sandalwood, benzoin and cypress
Hand made in Nepal.
What would you see if you looked directly at your mind? The Tibetan Buddhist teachings on mahamudra are known for their ability to lead to profound realization. Peaceful and infinitely adaptable, these teachings are as useful for today's busy world as they have been for centuries. Written by the tutor to the seventeenth Karmapa, "Essentials of Mahamudra" is a commentary on Tashi Namgyal's famous "Moonlight of Mahamudra"--a text that the sixteenth Karmapa had identified as the most valuable for Westerners. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche recognized that Western meditators don't just need to know how to maintain meditation practice; they need to know why they should do it. Unmatched in its directness, "Essentials of Mahamudra" addresses both these needs, rendering one of the most advanced forms of meditation for our everyday lives.

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Antique Copper Table Prayer Wheel - 19th C

Our Price: 480.00
Antique Copper Table Prayer Wheel - 19th C
A delightful antique table top prayer wheel with the mani mantra in ranjana script on the outside of the drum. The original scroll of Tibetan mantras is housed inside the drum and these have been covered to protect them with an outer fabric layer. This fabric has also been painted on the outside with the mani mantra and sealed on the top and bottom with a dark resin. The copper on the outside was once gilded and now only faint traces of this remain. Each glass window is framed with silver. Small wheels such as this would have sat on a table so they could easily be spun whilst reciting prayers or meditating. To set the mantras in motion you simply spin the metal rod at the apex.

Origin: Tibet
Private British Collection
Age: 19th C
Material: Copper, silver and roll of paper with wood block printed mantras.

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