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Wild Earth Nepal

Natural Nepalese Bodhiseed Mala - 9.5 mm Fine Silk Sangha Bag - Shot Lilac
Our Price: £450.00
Our Price: £34.95
Natural Nepalese Bodhiseed Mala Fine Silk Sangha Bag - Shot Lilac
A very sought after natural Nepalese bodhiseed mala. These fine quality seeds are completely natural and unpolished. Each seed displays an eye. With regular use the seeds will start to turn darker as they absorb oils from the skin.

A mala made from bodhiseed increases the merit of any form of practice, be it peaceful, expansive, powerful or wrathful.

108 beads plus the guru bead (with triangular eye).
strung on strong braided cord.
Natural Nepalese Seeds
Mostly 9 mm to 9.5 mm (hole to hole) with a maximum size of 11 mm. Seeds are matched as closely as possible.

You will receive the actual mala shown.
A beautiful hand crafted silk sangha bag in shot lilac. Perfect for carrying your dharma texts.

Bag has a zipper for extra protection and a hidden front pocket.

Hand crafted in Nepal.
width approx 15 inches
height of bag approx 13 inches
height of bag with handle approx 35 inches
DISCOVERY MULTI-PACK OF AYURVEDIC INDIAN INCENSE Happiness 'Grade A' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense - Large Roll
Our Price: £5.95
Our Price: £15.95
DISCOVERY MULTI-PACK OF AYURVEDIC INDIAN INCENSE Happiness 'Grade A' - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense
100% natural ayurvedic incense. A good way to sample seven different blends of your favourite ayurvedic incense. This pack contains 2 sticks of each variety in the Ayurvedic range.

100% natural incense.
Tube of 14 sticks
Burntime 25 min.
Top of the range Bhutanese incense sticks!

Prized by monasteries and Buddhists throughout the Himalayan regions, 'Happiness' incense is regarded as Nado's finest in their range. Packed with precious medicinal herbs and plant resins that are only found high in the Himalayas. The recipe has been used by Tibetan and Himalayan yogins for many centuries and it is believed to support general well being and enhance meditation and yoga practice. It is considered a superior incense for offering to the enlightened ones.

Includes: Sausarea Lapps, Nardostchys Jatamansi (Spikenard), Safflower, Saffron and Red and White Sandalwood.

In the Spotlight!

Special Happiness Sang - Premium Bhutanese Incense

Our Price: £29.50
Special Happiness Sang - Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder - 250 gms
NEW! Available for the first time outside of Bhutan.

The very best Sang in the marketplace for extra special offerings. Packed with rare Himalayan ingredients that have been gathered and blended using traditional methods. Each pack comes in a hand made Bhutanese drawstring bag. Can be used sparingly by adding to other sang mixtures.

approx 250 grams
100% Natural Ingredients
Hand crafted in Bhutan

Top Sellers

Our Price: £15.95
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Kurukulle - Traditional Tibetan Incense Powder
Our Price: £8.95
Bhutan Jewel House Riwo Sangchö Sang
Our Price: £33.95
JAJU INCENSE - Nado Poizokhang Bhutanese Incense
Our Price: £7.50

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Our Price: £320.00
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Amethyst Gemstone Bowl - 82.5 mm
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