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Wild Earth Nepal

Fine Quality Bell & Dorje Brocade Case OSMANTHUS JAPANESE INCENSE
Our Price: £18.95
Our Price: £4.50
Fine Quality Bell & Dorje Brocade Case OSMANTHUS JAPANESE INCENSE
A lovely hand made brocade bell and dorje case to suit standard size bells with the following 'maximum' dimensions.

height approx 18 cm
bell diameter approx 9.5 cm
Dorje approx 13 cm

Each case is hand made, so please expect slight variations in the colour of the brocade.
A premium quality Japanese incense with the fruity and distinguished nectar of Osmanthus, a flowering plant that is native to Japan.

Contents: approximately 35 sticks
30 minute burntime
Extra Large Round Nepalese Bodhiseed - 14 mm Dzogchen: the Self-Perfected State - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu (Paperback)
Our Price: £95.00
Our Price: £16.95
Extra Large Round Nepalese Bodhiseed - 14mm Dzogchen: the Self-Perfected State
A very fine extra large Nepalese bodhiseed mala. Each seed has been polished smooth so that they are perfectly uniform in shape and size. Each seed displays a single naturally formed eye.

A mala made from bodhiseed increases the merit of any form of practice, be it peaceful, expansive, powerful or wrathful.

Nepalese Seeds approx 14 mm
hand crafted in Nepal
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu teaches us that our natural condition is self-perfected from the very beginning. What is necessary is that we re-awaken and remain in our true nature. Through understanding and practice, we can rediscover the effortless knowledge of the Self-Perfected State that lies beyond our habitual anguish and confusion, and remain in this uninterrupted flow of contemplation, completely relaxed but fully present, through all activities. Rinpoche begins by clearly explaining the Dzogchen teachings and then reveals, in a simple and non-intellectual manner, what is meant by the practice of Dzogchen.

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Rose Quartz Wrist Mala - 21 Beads

Our Price: £8.95
Rose Quartz Wrist Mala - 21 Beads
A delightful 21 bead rose quartz wrist mala. Strung on strong elasticated cord and finished with an eternal knot.

21 bead rose quartz wrist mala plus the guru bead
8 mm beads

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Tibetan Incense Gift Set - Created by Dr Dolka
Our Price: £19.95
Kurukulle Tibetan Incense
Our Price: £6.95
Tibetan Prayer Flag
Our Price: £3.95
Rare Quality Burmese Jadeite & Ruby Mala - 7 mm
Our Price: £225.00

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Eighth Gyalwang Karmapa Mikyö Dorje Thangka
Our Price: £1,300.00
Rare Quality 15th C style Two Metal Phurba
Our Price: £750.00
Milarepa Thangka
Our Price: £800.00
Garnet & Crystal Mala with Sunstone Guru Bead
Our Price: £69.95
Forest of Flowers Japanese Incense
Our Price: £38.85