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~ Lord Buddha ~

Wild Earth Nepal

EXTRA LARGE KAPALA STAND - 9.6 inches Night of the Fireflies - Japanese Temple Incense
Our Price: 89.95
Our Price: 4.95
EXTRA LARGE KAPALA STAND - 9.6 inches Night of the Fireflies - Japanese Temple Incense
Our largest brass stand for a Kapala or skull cup.

Adjustable to fit all sizes of kapala
Hand crafted in Nepal
height approx 9.6 inches
width at widest approx 6.7 inches

kapala is not included

A beautiful incense evocative of a summer night enlivened by the glow of dancing fireflies. This is a traditional recipe with a background of sandalwood and accents of cinnamon and cloves.

Long rolls of 35 sticks.
60 minute burntime
AMITABHA in Dewachen Visualisation Card Rare Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha
Our Price: 2.50
Our Price: 695.00
AMITABHA VISUALISATION CARD Rare Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha
Known as the compassionate Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitabha guides beings toward a favorable rebirth in Dewachen.

Colorful images of enlightenment for visualization and meditation, each laminated Sacred Art Card features a traditional brocade border and has a description and mantra of the deity or mandala on the back.

Size: 5 ◊ 7″

produced by Dharma Publishing
Only 1 available!

A rare quality hand carved lapis lazuli Medicine Buddha statue. In his right hand he holds the healing Myrobalan plant and he sits on a double lotus base.

Material: Natural Lapis Lazuli
height approx 2.1 inches x 1.5 inches

In the Spotlight!

Fine Quality Picture Jasper & Carnelian Mala

Our Price: 55.00
Fine Quality Picture Jasper & Carnelian Mala - 8 mm
A delightful mala with colours ranging from subtle greys to deep maroons. Picture Jasper is a natural variety of chalcedony. This mala is comprised of 108 beads plus three carnelian dividers and carnelian guru bead. Also includes a carnelian beaded tassle.

Jasper bead size approx 8 mm
Carnelian Guru Bead (with red copper inclusions) = 14 mm
108 Jasper beads plus the carnelian dividers and guru bead.

Top Sellers

Our Price: 5.95
Rosewood Indian Incense Holder
Our Price: 7.95
Rare Quality Burmese Jadeite & Ruby Mala - 7 mm
Fine Raw Silk Sangha Bag - Maroon
Our Price: 34.95
Green Tara Gift Box
Our Price: 7.95

New Products

Rare Black Jasper Scorpion Protector Stone
Our Price: 150.00
Chenrezig or Avolokiteshvara ~ Fine Art Giclee
Our Price: 65.00
Amethyst Gemstone Bowl - 82.5 mm
Our Price: 80.00
Square Tibetan Shrine Brocade - Endless Knot
Our Price: 45.00