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Wild Earth Nepal

Royal Nave Japanese Temple Incense - Finest MOUNT FUJI JAPANESE INCENSE - HOOYEI KOH
Our Price: 49.95
Our Price: 4.95
Royal Nave Japanese Temple Incense - Finest Mount Fuji Incense
This is a superior 100% natural Japanese temple incense with sticks of an exceptional size and quality. The burn time is an incredible 2 hours 30 minutes for each stick. Packaged in a beautiful Japanese tube.

A delicious woody blend with slightly spicy and aniseed scented accents.

Highly recommended!

Each pack contains 25 sticks
Each stick approx. 360 mm long - over 14 inches
Burn time 2 h 30 each.
The freshness of lily of the valley and the vibrant scent of gum benzoin, against a background of sandalwood and spices.

These premium quality long rolls of Japanese incense are amongst the finest incense available. Each stick has a highly evocative scent and a long 60 minute burn time.

Contents: approximately 40 sticks
Made in Japan by Kunjudo
Antique Style Kapala Stand - 6 inches BENZOIN FROM LAOS
Our Price: 89.95
Our Price: 4.95
Antique Style Kapala Stand - 6 inches Benzoin from Laos
Antique style brass kapala tripod/stand. Based on a known antique design.

Adjustable to fit all sizes of kapala
Sourced in Nepal
height approx 160 mm (6 inches)
width at widest point approx 125 mm (5 inches)

kapala is not included
This resin is extracted from the Styrax Benzoin tree, found especially in Java, Sumatra and Laos. Its purifying and aromatic properties have made it important in perfumery. It evokes cheerfulness and enthusiasm and symbolically has been used to invoke good fortune and divine grace.

20 grams - 100% natural
Simply sprinkle on a charcoal disc.

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Our Price: 48.95
A superior blue cotton twill cushion with a lovely embroidered lotus mandala design. Densely packed with fine buckwheat hulls.

Diameter approx 30 cm, 15 cm high
filled with buckwheat case washable at 30 ° C
Weight approximately 2.3 kg.
Colour: Blue

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