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White Tara is the female Buddha of longevity. As a bodhisattva in training she promised to always appear in the form of a female bodhisattva for the benefit of all beings and especially to protect beings from the eight fears. In her white form she appears specifically for the purpose of bestowing longevity and to eliminate the suffering of untimely death, however, her practice should be seen as a complete path to enlightenment. Tara is revered in all Schools of Tibetan Buddhism and is second in popularity only to Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig.

White Tara is seen with her right hand in the mudra of supreme generosity; the left holds the stem of a white utpala flower to the heart with the petals blossoming at the ear. This holding of the flower represents the buddhas of the three times (past, present and future). The palms of the hands and feet also have an eye, so in total her eyes represent the seven eyes of pristine awareness.
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White Tara Statue
Our Price: £695.00

A beautiful large statue of White Tara.

Partially gilded and hand painted
Height approx 12 inches
Patan, Nepal
Fully Gilded White Tara Statue
Our Price: £450.00

A 12 inch statue of White Tara that has been fully fire gilded with gold in an antique style finish. The body displays intricate carving and is inlaid with turquoise cabachons. The base is hollow to allow for consecration.

fully gilded on copper
Inlaid with turquoise and coral cabachons
height approx 12 inches
Hand crafted in Nepal using the Lost Wax process.
Rare White Tara Statue - Rock Crystal Carving
Rare White Tara Statue - Rock Crystal Carving


A lovely statue of White Tara, carved from a single piece of rock crystal. It is extremely hard to aquire hand carved stone statues of Tibetan deities, so this piece is very rare.

White Tara (Tibetan: Drolka) is known for her limitless compassion and she is believed to bestow long life and healing.
Hand carved from natural Rock Crystal
height approx 3.25 inches
width approx 2 inches