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Windhorse Prayer Flag
Windhorse Prayer Flag - Vertical Flag
Our Price: £22.00

A great looking large Windhorse prayer flag. Displays the windorse surrounded by a rainbow halo and auspicious symbols. The windhorse or Lungta is associated with positive energy or ‘life force’ and is generally seen as a bringer of good fortune. He is both the subduer of evil and the vehicle of enlightenment. The lungta symbol is often depicted on prayer flags, which are flown to generate merit and increase one's life force

designed to be tied to a pole.
width = 28 inches length = 38 inches
King Gesar Prayer Flag
King Gesar Prayer Flag


A large King Gesar vertical prayer flag. The flag displays the animals of the four directions; the Garuda, dragon, tiger and snow lion. Each flag includes a supplication to King Gesar, and mantras for overcoming obstacles and turning back enemies. It also includes the Sampa Lhundrup prayer which is Guru Rinpoche's powerful prayer for 'Spontaneous Accomplishment'. "..the idea of warriorship altogether is that by facing all our enemies fearlessly, with gentleness and intelligence, we can develop ourselves thereby attaining self-realization." ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche designed to be tied to a pole. width = 28 inches length = 38 inches
Vertical Tibetan Prayer Flag
Vertical Five Coloured Tibetan Prayer Flag Banner


These splendid flags have ties so that they can be mounted vertically on a pole (see the central five coloured flag shown in the image). Each flag is printed in the traditional manner; with accurate mantras and images of deities and auspicious symbols. Prayers for overcoming obstacles and increasing health and wealth are all included.

Flags measures approximately 100 inches (Length) x 18 inches (width)