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Tibetan Wheel of Life (Bhavacakra) Thangka


A stunning extra large hand painted Thangka depicting the Wheel of Life. A thangka of this size would take the artist several months to complete. Painted in the traditional style to illustrate samsara or cyclic existence for beings who wander in the 6 realms. Comparable paintings can be found on the outside walls of Tibetan Buddhist temples throughout Tibet and the Himalayan regions.

Actual canvas measures:
Height approx 35 inches
Width approx 25 inches

with the brocade frame it measures:
Height approx 60 inches
Width approx 35.5 inches

Framed with antique style brocade in the traditional manner.
Wheel of Life Thangka Painting


A wonderful large hand painted Thangka of the Tibetan Wheel of Life or the Bhavacakra. The Wheel of Life is a representation of Samsara and the emotional landscape of sentient beings. It also shows the possibility of liberation if our true nature is recognised. It is believed that the original drawing was designed by the Buddha to help his disciples gain a deeper understanding of his teachings.

Framed in the traditional manner with brocade.

Size Inclusive of brocade frame:
Height approx 47 inches
Width approx 32 inches

This thangka has been sold. To commision a similar quality piece please contact us.

This is a stunning extra large Thangka depicting the Tibetan Wheel of Life. The outer brocade is a richly patterned Lapis Blue, Tibetan Red and Gold.

Height approx 69.5 inches
Width approx 42 inches