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Above: Traditional five prong Vajra (top) and a small nine prong Vajra (bottom)

The Vajra or Dorje is the quintessential symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is likened to an indestructible diamond or thunderbolt. On a more deeper level it represents the destruction of ignorance that obscures our own Buddha nature. In tantric rituals the Vajra symbolises the male principle which represents 'Upaya' or skilful means and is held in the right hand. The bell or ghanta symbolises the female principle and is held in the left hand. Since ancient times they have been crafted from different metals including: silver, gold, bronze, copper and iron. Some very rare Vajras (discovered as Terma treasures) are believed to be made from meteorite.
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Rare Old Nine Prong Iron Vajra
Our Price: £750.00

A great nine prong Vajra crafted from iron and displaying a lovely archaic elegance. Vajras with nine prongs are usually associated with the most ancient lineage of Tibet known as the Nyingmapa or old school. Although this piece is not so very old it is clearly meant to replicate a much earlier piece. A wonderful Vajra that remains robust and in very good condition.

Condition: Very Good
Early to Mid 20th C
Material: Iron
approx 7.25 inches x 2 inches
Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Antique Five Prong Vajra - 18/19th C
Antique Five Prong Vajra - 19th C
Our Price: £640.00

A superb antique five prong bronze alloy vajra. Displaying a fine usage patina from years of ritual use.

Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Age:19th C
Material: Bronze Alloy
approx 4.5 inches x 1.2 inches
Large Five Prong Iron Vajra
Large Five Prong Iron Vajra
Our Price: £400.00

A beautiful five prong Vajra crafted from iron.

Age: 20th C
Material: Iron
Condition: Very Good
approx 8.5 inches x 2.5 inches
Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Extra Large Himalayan Crystal Double Vajra
Extra Large Himalayan Crystal Double Vajra
Our Price: £360.00

An extra large hand carved Himalayan quartz double Vajra or Viśvavajra. Designed to be placed on your altar or shrine. The Vajra is the quintessential symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism and in this double form symbolises absolute stability. It is also the principle symbol of the Buddha Amoghasiddhi and represents his all-accomplishing wisdom.

approx 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches
hand crafted in Nepal.
Rare Quality Nine Prong Iron Vajra
Rare Quality Nine Prong Iron Vajra
Our Price: £350.00

In stock!

A rare nine prong iron vajra that has been entirely carved by hand. Great skill is needed to create these vajras as iron is notoriously difficult to work with. They are made for us by special commission and are not available elsewhere. A powerful looking piece with a unique feel.

The nine pointed vajra always has an axial central prong and eight curved outer prongs. The eight outer prongs symbolise the Eightfold Noble Path taught by the Buddha. The central prong represents the enlightened Buddha families. In the Nyingma tradition, the nine prong vajra can also symbolise the complete perfection of the nine yanas.

Hand carved by skilled Tibetan artisans in Deradhun.
Each piece takes the maker several weeks to complete.
Material: Iron
approx 6 inches

The stand in the second photo is not included.

Tip: If rust starts to appear on any of your iron ritual items, apply some olive oil with a toothbrush (used for this purpose only) and rub away the residue with a clean dry cloth. For very stubborn areas simply use wire wool.
Rare Quality Newari Copper Vajra
Rare Quality Newari Copper Vajra
Our Price: £295.00

A very fine quality Newari artisan copper vajra with intricately carved Makara heads at the base of each prong. This piece is unusual in that the vajra has six curved prongs at each end and these join the straight central prong, making this a 7 prong vajra. Although they are uncommon, an antique Vajra with seven prongs is housed in the Museum der Kulturen in Switzerland. It is a heavy piece that is more suited for an altar.

Hand crafted in Nepal
Age: late 20th C
Material: Copper Bronze
approx 7.5 inches x 3 inches
Old Five Prong Vajra - 20th C
Old Five Prong Vajra - 20th C
Our Price: £70.00

A small five prong vajra that was purchased in Tibet in the 1980s.

Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Age: Early to Mid 20th C
Material: Bronze Alloy
Condition: Exellent. No breaks or repairs.
approx 83 mm x 20 mm
Five Coloured Vajra or Dorje Knotwork Pendant
Five Coloured Nine Prong Vajra or Dorje Knotwork Pendant
Our Price: £6.95

A hand crafted nine prong vajra or dorje knotwork pendant.

Crafted by Tibetan refugees in Nepal.
Length of dorje approx 6 cm