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Above: A Tiger dZi with double wave stripes (centre) is flanked by a matched pair of Tasso dZi

In this category you will find ancient dZi beads with the very sought after Tiger stripe design. They are commonly known by the Tibetan name 'Taklok', which translates as tiger skin. Tiger dZi are oval shaped beads with a double or triple stripe wave decoration.
They are very popular as dividers on a mala.
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Rare Ancient Tiger dZi
Rare Ancient Tiger dZi

No longer available!

The Tiger dZi are amongst the most sought after jewels in the dZi family. This bead is in perfect condition and displays the double wave stripe design. There are also nurmerous blood spots on this bead. Tiger dZi are particularly sought after for dividers on malas or focal beads on a necklace.

Condition: Excellent with no breaks, cracks or repairs.
Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Age: 1000 BCE to 1000 CE
18.90 mm x 15.02 mm