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Takdrol amulets have their roots in the tantras and grant liberation through touch or wearing. They are believed to be one of the five methods that lead to enlightenment, without needing to engage in many years of solitary retreat practice or meditation.

They should ONLY be worn by Vajarayana practitioners. The fully ordained Gelong or Gelongma can wear them at the heart level. All other practitioners (non monks and nuns) should wear them on top of their head only when engaged in Dharma practice. When worn on the body, the special blessing of the Takdrol is said to multiply one's practice merit by many millions. Special care should be taken when wearing a takdrol because it can also multiply your negative actions. It is therefore very important to be mindful when wearing a Takdrol. You should certainly remove the amulet from one's body when engaged in idle chatter or more worldly activities. This Takdrol has been sealed in a protective plastic case and is ready to be worn. If you are placing it on one's body, please make sure the blue front with the Vajra is facing inwards i.e towards you. When not wearing the Takdrol it can be kept on one's shrine.