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Green Tara Mantra Prayer Wheel

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The 10 Million Green Tara Mantra Prayer Wheel. ~ Natural Walnut Wood

height approx 9 inches (this is the shortest handle available)
Drum diameter approx 2.5 inches
Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action.
contains 10 Million 'Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha' mantras on microfilm
Comes with a faceted crystal at the apex.

A fine natural wood prayer wheel, finished to a standard that is way beyond what is currently available in the marketplace. Each piece is custom made and in our opinion, they are works of art in themselves. They are lovingly made by a husband and wife team from natural woods and take more than one week to complete. This includes several hours at the lathe, one week of staining and protecting the wood, filling the drum with mantras and choosing the right counterweight to help the wheel rotate smoothly.

The drum contains an astonishing quantity of mantras on microfilm. Traditional wheels include mantras that have been wood block printed on paper and therefore the number of mantras inside are limted to thousands. Rolls of paper can often make a wheel bulky and heavy. Our Green Tara wheels contain 10 million mantras on microfilm, which greatly increases the merit of each rotation. They are lightweight and spin effortlessly due to the unique inclusion of the highest quality sealed bearings. Your wheel will never need oiling and the bearings will never get damaged. It also means your wheel runs in complete silence, with no distracting noise when you are in the midst of your meditation practice.

A prayer wheel is an investment in your Dharma practice and these wheels will surely be cherished by those who have the good fortune to own one. Over the years the wood will mellow and develop its own unique usage patina. They are truly a very skillful way of accumulating merit in the difficult times we live in..

A minimum of 50% from the profit of each sale will be donated to worthy charities in Tibet.

Important: The wheels have been sealed permanently to give lasting protection to the microfilm. The type of counterbalance may vary between wheels.

The makers of our wheels have had the direct blessing of Ven. Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche to undertake this work.

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