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Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality
Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality

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A Himalayan incense of the finest quality. Prepared entirely by hand from Himalayan and Indian natural herbs, plant resins and spices. Includes the prized gugul resin and red and white sandalwood.

For those who are unfamiliar with Tibetan and Himalayan incense, it is important to point out that creating a nice aroma is not the only reason to burn incense. We feel the effect incense has on your body, mind and environment are just as important. The first time you burn this incense we encourage you to light a stick and leave the room for 10 minutes. When you return this will allow you to appreciate this incense more fully.

Why should you burn Garuda Incense?

  • A traditional natural incense that makes a wonderful offering to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharmapalas. Tibetans believe that special herbal incense blends will attract divine beings to bestow their blessings. This is one reason that Himalayan incense is much smokier. It is believed that the smoke carries the offering to the Buddhas and also acts as food for many unseen beings.
  • 100% natural medicinal grade ingredients. This is an incense for those who appreciate the purity of their herbs, spices and plant resins. Only the finest ingredients make it into our blends.
  • Prepared entirely by hand using traditional methods. These are hand rolled sticks (approx 10 cm in length) that have a slow burn time (approx 1 hour).
  • Purifies the environment from negative influences.
  • Cleanses the air of unwanted smells and stagnant energy.
  • Relaxes the mind, creating the right conditions for an open and spacious meditation session.
  • Relieves anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Has a calming effect but leaves you feeling awake and grounded.
  • Includes gugul that has long been prized in Tibet and India for its medicinal properties. It is interesting to note that gugul is also related to the Arabian and African Myrrh tree. Gugul is also burnt to ward off negative energies.
  • Our herbal formula includes amongst others: red and white sandalwood, amber resin and green and black cardamom.
  • The smell is not overpowering like many artificial perfumed incense in the marketplace.
  • Tibetan incense is free from bamboo splints, so it is much better for the environment.
  • The incense sticks come in a gorgeous hand made lokta paper box. This is screen printed with a Double Vajra design, which can be re-used for storing other items. Each box is cellophane wrapped which means the incense remains as fresh as the day it was made.
approx weight of box = 108 grams
approx 40 sticks
approx 45 minutes burntime

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