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" Be firmly concentrated yet loosely relaxed: Here is an essential point for the View "
~ Machik Labdrön ~
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Machik Labdrön Thangka
Finest Machik Labdrön Thangka
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A super fine traditional thangka depicting Machik Labdrön, who was one of the greatest realised yoginis of Tibet. It is painted in the Karma Gadri style by a Tibetan artist with 30 years experience. This thangka is not to be confused with the much cheaper thangkas available from Nepal. Everything about this piece speaks quality. It is painted using natural stone pigment paints, which is very uncommon in todays marketplace. The rich brocade frame is absolutely exquisite and really complements this piece.

traditionally mounted with richly patterned maroon and golden yellow brocade
approx 50 inches height
approx 34 inches wide
Machig Labdron


A hand painted thangka of the 11th Century enlightened yogini, Machik Labdrön.

Size: 36 inches x 28 inches inclusive of brocade frame

The thangka also displays Guru Rinpoche (top left), Shakyamuni Buddha (top middle), Phadampa Sangye (top right) and the protector Rahula at the very bottom.

We aquired this thangka from a Tibetan collection so there is a little bit of age to this piece.


A fantastic smaller size Thangka of Machik Labdron.

approx 29 inches height
approx 18 inches wide