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Above: Wandering yogins with Chod drums and Kangling trumpets from the early 20th Century

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Tröma Audio Series - The Feast of Chöd
Tröma Audio Series - The Feast of Chöd - Audio CD
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Tröma Audio Series
The Feasts of Chöd

The practice of chöd, or “cutting through,” is a Tibetan Buddhist meditative practice in which a person’s hopes and fears—as well as the three poisons of desire, anger, and ignorance—can be cut off at the root and abandoned. The key to the practice lies in learning how to use a combination of visualization, mantra recitation, and the performance of ritual activities—including the singing of specific songs and the playing of musical instruments—in order to loosen one’s mental grip on the delusions that we come to perceive as concrete reality. By practicing the “feasts” of the chöd practice, one accomplishes this by offering one’s own body as the feast for the benefit of all sentient beings. These practices are tantric methods for accomplishing the view of the prajnaparamita, or perfection of wisdom knowledge, and involve learning how to see the truly empty nature of both one’s self and all external phenomena. The songs on this CD come directly from the hidden treasure or terma tradition of the great tantric master Heruka Dudjom Lingpa, who lived in Tibet from 1835 until 1904. Heruka Dudjom Lingpa was from the Golog region of Amdo, in eastern Tibet, and during his lifetime revealed the full meditative practice cycle of Tröma Nagmo, the Great Black Mother.

Among Heruka Dudjom Lingpa’s countless disciples were thirteen who were able to use the Tröma Nagmo practices to achieve total liberation and in the process attain the rainbow body, with the result that their physical bodies disappeared in brilliant flashes of five-colored rainbow lights.

On the Feasts of Chöd CD, Sangye Khandro—an eminent western Tröma Nagmo practitioner and translator of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and texts—performs all of the songs that are used in Heruka Dudjom Lingpa’s cycle of chöd practices. Different feasts are performed at different times of the day, accompanied by the opening and closing prayers that are also included on the CD. The melodies for these songs were taught to Sangye Khandro by her root teacher, Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, who was the direct mind reincarnation of Heruka Dudjom Rinpoche.

Sangye Khandro performs the feasts and prayers using the traditional instruments of the practice: chöd drum, bell, and kangling.

Feasts and Prayers

  • Dakini's Laughter [Wangdud Zilnon]
  • Supplication and Ngondro
  • Black Feast
  • White Feast
  • Mixed Feast
  • Red Feast
  • Red Feast of Pure Vision
  • Giving the Body
  • Giving the Dharma
  • Dakini's Aspiration Prayer
Antique Tibetan Kangling - Human Thigh Bone
Antique Tibetan Kangling - 19th C


A wonderful antique human thigh bone trumpet. Covered in the traditional manner in black leather to give added protection to the bone. It is now almost impossible to source genuine old pieces from the Himalayan regions. This is a very playable authentic ritual instrument and remains robust and damage free.

Origin: Tibet/Himalayan
Genuine human thigh bone.
Age: 19th C
approx 320 mm (12.5 inches)  x 70 mm (at widest point)
Superior Tibetan Kangling - Wooden
Superior Wood Kangling ~ Bhutanese Sengdeng Wood ~ Hand Crafted


Introducing a wooden kangling that is without doubt the finest alternative to human bone available in the marketplace. It is now incredibly difficult to find human bone kanglings and there are restrictions for bringing them out of Asia. As demand continues to grow for these essential ritual items it makes it very difficult for Chöd practitioners in the West to own them. Our beautiful wooden kanglings are clearly the answer to this problem. It also means that you can travel with your kangling without fear of restrictions.

Each instrument is crafted from fine Bhutanese Sengdeng wood and covered in goatskin in the traditional manner. The fire gilded mouthpiece is finely decorated with traditional Tibetan artwork. The kangling has been coated inside with beeswax to give the wood extra longevity and protection from a build up of moisture. The weight is wonderful and the sound is incredible. Some would argue that they sound even better than a bone kangling. They are very robust and will be a wonderful companion for a lifetime of practice.

Each kangling comes complete with a high quality brocade protective case. Colour of case may vary!

length approx 31 cm