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Mind Beyond Death - Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
Our Price: £19.95

New paperback edition. An indispensable guidebook through the journey of life and death. Drawing on teachings from throughout the vast tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche weaves together a synthesis of wisdom remarkable in its scope. Using humerous analogies and his profound understanding of the Western mind, Ponlop Rinpoche makes the mysterious Tibetan teachings on the bardos - the in-between states of life, death and beyond - completely available to the modern reader.
Ascertaining Certainty About The View.
Our Price: £16.95

By Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

A detailed line by line commentary by Khenpo Tsultrim on the seventh chapter of the third section of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye's Treasury of Knowledge which covers seven points on gaining certainty of the correct view. It is explained from the perspective of the different Buddhist schools. Included are Jamgon Kongtrul's root verses of the text and his commentary along with several songs by Khenpo Tsultrim and Milarepa on the views and approaches of the different Buddhist schools.

"How is it that you liberate yourself from suffering? First of all, you understand that the conditions that create suffering are not truly existent, for example, like appearances within a dream. You then come to understand that suffering itself has no essence, that it is not truly existent. Through deeply thinking about this and through analysing, you develop certainty. The point of working with the view or with philosophies is to develop a clear conviction through reflection that leads to cetainty. If you meditate on emptiness, you will realize emptiness directly and at that point suffering vanishes." Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.
A Song for the King
Our Price: £10.99

Author: Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

A translation with commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche on the Indian master Saraha's A Song for the King, a short but profound verse text from classical India that is a basis for the mahamudra tradition.

"Saraha's Song for the King is a sublime ode to enlightenment, famous in Tibet for nearly a millennium. Traditionally counted as one in a trilogy of poetic songs offered by Saraha to the king, queen, and people of eastern India, a Song for the King uses a series of linked metaphors to lead the listener through the stages of mahamudra meditation. The oral teaching on Saraha's Song by contemporary master Thrangu Rinpoche, is based upon a famous sixteenth century commentary by Karma Trinley. Thrangu Rinpoche's careful analysis helps the reader savour both the aesthetic richness and the contemplative instructions of Saraha's verses." Kurtis Schaeffer. "A Song for the King is the most important work in a generation about the pithiest and deepest of Saraha's great trilogy of Indian Buddhist tantric songs. Michele Martin's translation and annotations are lucid and well informed, and Thrangu Rinpoche's learned but accessible commentary allows readers to use Saraha's poem as key to seeing, meditating, and acting in the profound Indo-Tibetan tradition of mahamudra, the great seal of reality."
The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra
Our Price: £11.95

Author: Tai Situ Rinpoche and Karmapa [Third]

A commentary by Tai Situ Rinpoche on the Third Karmapa's Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra.

"The essence and pith of the Lord Buddha's teachings is mahamudra, which is the jewel of contemplative practice and the profound instruction of the Kagyu lineage. The Third Karmapa's influence and benefit to the Kagyu lineage is incalculable and one of the many profound texts he composed is the Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra, which arose from his own realisation. The prayer contains the entire path and view of mahamudra, and its depth and beauty is unveiled in this line by line commentary by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche." Lama Shedrup.
Clarifying the Natural State

Author: Dakpo Tashi Namgyal and Kunsang, Erik Pema

A practical manual on Mahamudra for both teacher and student alike, covering the path from mindfulness to complete enlightenment, simply and methodically. Presenting the profound and ultimate instructions of Mahamudra, it embodies the realization of India and Tibet's greatest masters.
Creation and Completion

Currently unavailable!

Author: Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, Tharngu Rinpoche
and translated by Sarah Harding

A unique guide to the practice of Tibetan Buddhist tantra which explains the essential points of creative visualization, drawing on experiential explanations from two great masters. Jamgon Kongtrul`s root text is supplemented by Thrangu Rinpoche`s lucid commentary. In the creation stage of tantra, practitioners visualize themselves in the form of buddhas and enlightened beings. This meditation practice prepares the mind for engaging in the later completion stage practice, where one comes face to face with the ultimate nature of mind and reality. The translator, Sarah Harding, has added an excellent introduction distilling the essential features of tantric meditation prcatices.

"An exceptionally important text that is very beneficial and will resolve all doubts about tantric practice". Thrangu Rinpoche.

"Creation and completion meditation is the cornerstone of tantric Buddhist practice, and draws upon a rich array of techniques and presumptions relating to moral cultivation. This book will be of great interest to both scholars and practitioners of tantric Buddhism." Janet Gyatso.
Crystal Clear

Author: Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen

Hands-on meditation guidance in a straightforward and lucid style by the learned and realized Tibetan master Thrangu Rinpoche, in this companion volume to Clarifying the Natural State by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal.
Beginning with the basics this vipassana handbook leads practitioners through stages of realization all the way to complete enlightenment.

"In Mahamudra, as one takes the path of direct perception, a person can obtain true and complete enlightenment within the same body and lifetime. Whatever the situation, Mahamudra provides appropriate methods and techniques. So, whether one is able to undertake a lot of hardship or not, whether one is diligent or not, whichever type of person you might be there is always great benefit in practicing Mahamudra. The practice can be done in the solitude of retreat or while involved in the daily complexities of modern life. Mahamudra training is always applicable in any situation, at any moment in life." Thrangu Rinpoche.
Daring Steps Toward Fearlessness
Our Price: £11.50

Author: Ringu Tulku

Ringu Tulku, renowned for his friendly, skilfull approach in teaching Westerners, has produced a dynamic overview of the Buddhist path that embraces all three yanas, or vehicles - Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, or tantra. He weaves his teaching intricately through all three, revealing the vital role of each path in the attainment of genuine realization.

Bringing the teachings back repeatedly to the reader's own experience, Ringu Tulku both educates and inspires, connecting the Dharma's profundity with the spirit of the Buddha's awakening. He takes us brilliantly from the most basic meditation practice to the rarefied realm of Mahamudra, touching on a dazzling range of teachings and techniques along the way. As much practice manual as scholastic accomplishment, this articulate, lively presentation will be eagerly sought after.

"Nowadays in the West there a quite a few Buddhists who, considering themselves followers of the Vajrayana, believe that they can neglect the other vehicles, especially the teachings of the Shravakayana system (Theravada). Here, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche shows that this is a fundamental misunderstanding, that one will not reach anywhere while maintaining this mistaken view." Rosemary Fuchs, editor.
Ground, Path and Fruition

Currently Unavailable!

Author: Tai Situ Rinpoche

An extraordinary teaching in which Tai Situ Rinpoche covers a vast amount of Dharma topics, covering the foundation of Dharma, how to understand the Dharma, its history, how it was brought to Tibet, the main philosophical schools - including Rangtong and Shentong - logic, precepts, Chenrezig practice, Lojong, Shamatha and Vipassana meditation, and Mahamudra. Rinpoche describes this book as "a few missing pieces of the puzzle". As is custom in Tibetan monasteries, when he was a young man Rinpoche went through a period of intense study and practice in which he was introduced by his teachers to many different aspects of Buddhism.

During this time he took notes and composed poems describing what he was learning. Now, a quarter of a century later, he revisits these compositions bringing to them new insights gathered from years of experience. As a main custodian of the Kagyu lineage he is able to share with us the living tradition he received with devotion from some of the greatest Buddhist teachers of the last century. In this book he seamlessly blends this ancient tradition with a modern, practical sensibility and a rich sense of humour.
Instructions of Gampopa
Our Price: £9.95

Author: Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

In "A Precious Garland" Gampopa gives precise instructions on the correct view, meditation and conduct, and succinctly outlines in 28 categories what we need to know in order to perfect our spiritual practice. This commentary by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche expands on the pithy instructions and offers frank answers to common questions concerning obstacles to Dharma practice.

The Precious Garland is one of the masterworks of Gampopa, father of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism and foremost student of the great yogi Milarepa. According to Kathar Rinpoche, for those with faith in Gampopa studying this text can be "exactly the same as receiving teachings directly from him."
Lamp of Mahamudra


Author: Tsele Natsok Rangdrol and Kunsang, Erik Pema

A guide through the stages of Mahamudra meditation practice - from the cultivation of clarity and one-pointedness of mind, to a mode of experiencing beyond duality and a rediscovery of primordial essence. This precise text distills the instructions of the practice lineage and describes the entire path of meditation leading to the ultimate fruition.
"Regardless of what you temporarily encounter - various difficulties such as conceptual thinking, disturbing emotions, suffering, fear, sickness or death - be able to bring these into the path as the main part of the natural Mahamudra practice, neither hoping nor relying on some other means of benefit through an antidote." Tsele Natsok Rangdrol.
Life and Teachings of Gampopa
Our Price: £12.50

The spiritual biography of Gampopa, disciple of Author: Thrangu Rinpoche

Milarepa and one of the founders of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, plus a commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa. Besides writing the Jewel Ornament of Liberation, Gampopa distilled the essence of the Buddhist path into four short lines or truths, called dharmas. This influential work became known as the Four Dharmas of Gampopa.

To read spiritual biographies of the Kagyu lineage masters is a great inspiration to enter the path and also provides encouragement and enthusiasm to continue when circumstances become difficult. The spiritual biography of Gampopa, covered in the first half of this book, is a very good example of avoiding the extremes in practice and of showing how we should correctly practice.
Like an Illusion
Our Price: £19.99

Author: Riggs, Nicole

A book that honours the rare and renowned Shangpa lineage from the Kagyu tradition, which originated with the teachings the yoginis Niguma and Sukhasiddhi received from Vajradhara. The lineage was then established by Khyungpo Naljor (900-1139) in the valley of Shang, west of Lhasa. This book is the first English translation of the biographies from the unique Shangpa lineage, recorded by the masters themselves between five hundred and one thousand years ago in Tibet, and these colourful and poignant tales have retained their power to inspire and even emancipate. It includes an in-depth introduction which examines the major strands running through the life stories, from the appeal of solitary retreat to the realization of the clear-light nature of mind.
"Simply hearing the life stories of such genuine beings blesses our mindstream. Guided by faith and devotion, our renunciation, compassion, wisdom and so on, grow and flourish." Bokar Rinpoche.
"If on all things, like and illusion; one meditates, like an illusion; true Buddhahood, like an illusion; will come to pass, due to devotion." Dakini Niguma.
Living Dharma
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Author: Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpche

The charismatic abbot of Samye Ling monastery in Scotland advises on the practical application of Buddhism to daily life. In his direct, down to earth style Lama Yeshe Losal both demystifies and illuminates these profound teachings in such a way as to make then easily understood and accessible to everyone. With his humour, insight and knowledge he teaches from the Buddhist perspective on life and gives practical advice with detailed meditation instructions, in a simple but inspiring way.

"Nowadays, some people are put off by just hearing the word religion, but Buddhism is not so much a religion as a way of life. Buddhism is timeless, very progressive, and fits the ideas of this 21st century perfectly. When searching for spiritual values, many people look for something very fresh and new, and think that Buddhism is too old. But that is not true! Buddhism is the freshest thing you'll ever come across, because our mind is constantly fresh, and the Buddha is talking about nothing other than our state of mind. He teaches that everything, whatever we experience, good or bad, happy or sad, all happens through states of mind."Lama Yeshe Losal.
Pointing out the Dharmakaya
Our Price: £11.50

Author: Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Karmapa [Ninth]

A commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche on this succinct text on Mahamudra by the Ninth Karmapa, Wangchung Dorje. At the heart of successful Mahamudra practice is the ability to get directly at the nature of mind. No more authoritative or useful instructions exist than in the Ninth Karmapa's three definitive texts on Mahamudra, of which this easy-to-use practical manual is the shortest. Pointing Out the Dharmakaya is thus an indispensable companion to the Ocean of Definitive Meaning, the most vast and detailed of the texts.

"Pointing Out the Dharmakaya is a remarkably extensive and detailed approach to looking at the mind. It represents the teachings on insight meditation as presented in the tradition of mahamudra, the essence of all the Buddha's teachings. Together with the teachings of Dzogchen they comprise what is known as the path of liberation. Students will find in this extraordinary set of instructions systematic and comprehensive approaches to ascertaining the mind's true nature, to checking one's experience, and to refining and extending one's insight." Lama Tashi Namgyal.
"Readers who are interested in discovering the nature of mind will find much here in this clear and thorough guide to delight and inspire them." The Dalai Lama.
Rain of Wisdom

Author: Chogyam Trungpa

A collection of over 100 poems and devotional songs providing direct and timeless insights from the Kagyu practice lineage, selected by Chogyam Trungpa.

The art of composing spontaneous songs that express profound spiritual understanding has existed in Tibet for centuries. The diversity of the songs mirrors the richness of Tibetan Buddhism and gives us clear portraits of some of its most eminent teachers. Their longing for truth, their heartfelt devotion, and their sense of humour are all refected. These songs share a beauty and intensity that have made them famous in Tibetan literature.

Included are the vajra songs of such great masters as Tilopa, Marpa, Milarepa, Rechungpa, Gampopa, and the Karmapas.
Progessive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness


Author: Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translated by Shenpen Hookham A concise and clear presentation of the Tibetan Shentong view of emptiness. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso introduces the various stages of the different approaches to understanding and realizing emptiness according to first the Sravaka meditation on not-self; then the Cittamatra or Mind Only school; the Svatantrika; and then the Madhyamika Prasangika, or Rantong view. Finally he presents the Emptiness of Other, or Shentong approach, which is mainly found within the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions but is considered controversial within the Gelug school.
Sun of Wisdom
Our Price: £15.99

Author: Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

A commentary on Nagarjuna`s Mulamadhyamakakarika, or Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, by the renowned Kagyu Lama Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso.

Using Nagarjuna's famous root text on the nature of reality and emptiness, and the great modern master Mipham's own commentary as a framework, Rinpoche explains the most important verses from each chapter in the text in a style that illuminates for modern students both the meaning of these profound teachings and how to put them into practice in a way that benefits both oneself and others.

The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way was written in the second century and is one of the most important works of Nagarjuna, the pioneering master of the Buddha's teachings on the Middle Way view, or Madhyamika philosophy. The subtle analyses presented in this treatise were closely studied and commented on by many realized teachers from the Indo-Tibetan tradition.
Tara - The Feminine Divine

Currently unavailable!

Author: Bokar Rinpoche

The various aspects of Tibet's favourite tutelary deity, with an examination of the origins of the Tara tantra, and contemporary aspects of her practice and reliance on her. With an iconography, and a discussion of remarkable women in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. Tara is the most famous female deity in Tibetan Buddhism, from nomads to scholars, all Tibetans are profoundly devoted to her. This revealing book includes an examination of the role of deities in Buddhism and what they represent, the function of ritual and invocation, an understanding of Tara's symbolism, an introduction to the Tara tantra, stories of Tara the saviouress, and praises to Tara.

'There were many who followed the path in a man`s body, few in a woman's body. "As for myself", she said, "as long as samsara is not emptied, I will benefit beings appearing in a female body."
The Torch of Certainty
Our Price: £15.99

Author: Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Hanson, Judith

The four ordinary and four special foundations, essential preliminaries to tantric practice, explained by the great 19th century master, Jamgon Kongtrul. The nature of impermanence, the effects of karma, development of an enlightened attitude and devotion to the guru are among the subjects treated in this volume.

This text is of great importance because these preliminary practices, or ngondro, are basic to all sects of Tibetan Buddhism. "The Four Foundations are the beginning of the Vajrayana discipline...your attitude toward yourself and toward everything in your life becomes connected purely with Dharma practice. There is no longer such a thing as a division between sacred and profane. To begin to practice, you must first give in to the Dharma completely. This is accomplished by doing prostrations, a process of complete surrender, of definite commitment. I don't think anyone can begin Vajrayana practice without that. "Chogyam Trungpa.

"Generally speaking, the first practices (refuge and prostrations, Vajrasattva and mandala offering) clear away obscurations and gather the two accumulations. The guru yoga gives you great faith in your guru which leads to your receipt of his blessing and attainment of mahamudra". Kalu Rinpoche.
The Two Truths
Our Price: £12.50

Author: Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso

Khenpo Tsultrim presents the path of reason, the presentation of the two truths of conventional and ultimate reality by the four main different philosophical tenets. These four schools are the Vaibhashika and Sautrantika of the Hinayana, and the Cittamatra or Mind-Only, and the Madhyamaka of the Mahayana. The Madhyamaka then divides into the Svatantrika and Prasangika of the Rantong position and the Shentong view which is promoted here.

For those who wish to know the philosophy of Buddhism then the best way to learn it is to know the differences between the views of the four philosophical tenets. The presentation of the two truths by the different tenets leads one from a common understanding of what is real to ever more subtle understandings which can lead to that which is beyond the intellect.
Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa Vol.1
Our Price: £55.00

Volume One in this series contains Chogyam Trungpa's early writings, produced during the time he lived in Britain (1963-1970). Includes Born in Tibet, Meditation in Action, Mudra, and Selected Writings.

For those who wish to know the philosophy of Buddhism then the best way to learn it is to know the differences between the views of the four philosophical tenets. The presentation of the two truths by the different tenets leads one from a common understanding of what is real to ever more subtle understandings which can lead to that which is beyond the intellect.
Crazy Wisdom
Our Price: £17.99

Uses the life of Padmasambhava and his eight manifestations to illustrate the principle of "crazy wisdom", which begins with the process of ruthlessly cutting through layers of psychological deception in order to uncover basic sanity.

Crazy wisdom is described by Chogyam Trungpa as an innocent state of mind that has the quality of early morning - fresh, sparkling, and completely awake. He shows it to be the starting point for an exciting spiritual journey and from this profound point of view, spiritual practice does not provide comfortable answers to pain or confusion. On the contary, painful emotions can be appreciated as a challenging opportunity for new discovery. In particular, he discuses meditation as a practical way to uncover one`s own innate wisdom in the midst of everyday life.
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
Our Price: £12.99

By Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

In this modern spiritual classic, the Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa highlights the commonest pitfall to which every aspirant on the spiritual path falls prey: what he calls spiritual materialism.  The universal tendency, he shows, is to see spirituality as a process of self-improvement—the impulse to develop and refine the ego when the ego is, by nature, essentially empty. "The problem is that ego can convert anything to its own use," he said, "even spirituality." His incisive, compassionate teachings serve to wake us up from this trick we all play on ourselves, and to offer us a far brighter reality: the true and joyous liberation that inevitably involves letting go of the self rather than working to improve it. It is a message that has resonated with students for nearly thirty years, and remains fresh as ever today.
Death and the Art of Dying
Our Price: £12.50

In this volume, Bokar Rinpoche answers two main questions: how can we ensure that death turns out to be a positive passage, and how can we help those who are leaving us? More practical than philosophical, this book may help us to live out death as the fullest moment of life. The teachings contained in this book underscore the fundamental importance of having a spiritual practice in this lifetime. By developing a firm spiritual foundation, it will be easier for us to live with the reality of death.

The book includes instructions on the bardos of death, the art of dying, approaching death, and when other people die - exemplified by the death of the great yogi, Kalu Rinpoche. With this example we discover the role that awareness of impermanance has on an awakened being during the process of dying.
Dharma Paths
Dharma Paths
Our Price: £17.99

A broad and in-depth introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by one of the great Kagyu masters. Cutting through the complexity and apparent contradictions of the Tibetan tradition, revealing a flexible approach based on one's individual capacity. Without assuming an academic background or knowledge of Buddhist terminology, Dharma Paths presents both basic and quite advanced material, making the essence of the vast Tibetan teachings surprisingly accessible.
The Essential Chogyam Trungpa
Our Price: £13.99

The perfect introduction to the teachings of the first Tibetan lama to teach extensively in the West. This book includes 40 selections from 14 of his many books, to provide a balanced overview of the lama and his style.

Chogyam Trungpa was one of the most influential figures in the development of Buddhism in the West, being one of the first to teach in English and to make Tibetan Buddhism uniquely accessible to a contemporary audience. Blending excerpts from bestsellers like Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism and Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior with other works, this book vividly demonstrates the incredible literary legacy of this remarkable master and his great appreciation of Western culture combined with his deep understanding of the Tibetan tradition.

"Chogyam Trungpa loved the English language...he employed it to pioneer the language of Buddhism in America. By this, I mean that he sought and found English words and phrases that would aptly convey the essence of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings in their new home in the West."Carolyn Rose Gimian.
Excellent Buddhism

Currently unavailable!

A compilation of biographical reminiscences on Kalu Rinpoche, teachings on daily life, inspiring stories on Buddhist practitioners of the past, and reflections on the relationship between Buddhism and the West. Included in this book are the details of Kalu Rinpoche's last moments before his death and the story of his reincarnation, plus inspiring selections of his extraordinary teachings from around the world supplemented by anecdotes and stories.
Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism - The Gem Ornament of Manifold Instructions

Currently Unavailable!

Author: Kalu Rinpoche

The great Kagyu meditation master explains the major Buddhist paths, and details the practices of refuge, purification, offering, guru yoga, Buddhist precepts, and tantra. Finally he gives a marvellous explanation of meditation and mahamudra.

Originally published under the title Gem Ornament this work presents the fundamental practices of the Kagyu tradition in a clear and easily accessible manner, covering all aspects of the path to enlightenment. The late Kalu Rinpoche was recognized by lineage holders of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism as a meditation master equal in stature to the great yogi Milarepa.
Four Dharmas of Gampopa
Our Price: £9.95

A brief commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche on Gampopa's text. Gampopa was the main disciple of Milarepa and one of the founders of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Besides writing the Jewel Ornament of Liberation, Gampopa distilled the essence of the path into these four short lines of truth, or Dharmas. This advice became well known as the Four Dharmas of Gampopa.
Four Foundations of Buddhist Practice


The four foundations of Buddhist practice are meditation on the precious human rebirth, impermanence, karma and the faults of samsara, and are general to all levels and sects. They can be contrasted to the four special foundations (ngondro) which are specific to Vajrayana Buddhism.

Buddhist practice is similar to building a house. Even though the house is impressive it may crumble under the weight of age and neglect if the foundations are not inspected and maintained. In this text, Thrangu Rinpoches`s commentary on the Four Foundations and Pema Karpo`s meditation instructions provide the means to secure the foundations of one`s practice. Regularly revisiting the four foundations is wise preparation for the basic meditation practices of Vajrayana Buddhism.

"The Four Foundations of Buddhist Practice have been crucial to my understanding of the Buddhist teachings. Nowhere have I found them presented with more clarity and wisdom than in this book by our beloved teacher Thrangu Rinpoche. I know that all who read this book will benefit profoundly."Pema Chodron.
Gems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom


Translated by Ken Holmes

A translation of the classic Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa. For some 800 years this masterly overview of the Buddha's teachings has served as a handbook for followers of the twelve Kagyu traditions which all stem from Gampopa's disciples. Placing the quintessential meaning of hundreds of Buddhist scriptures in the palm of one`s hand, it provides an ideal resource for those new to Buddhism and is an invaluable reference work for experienced practitioners.

This translation is the result of fifteen years of study under distinguished tutors of the Kagyu tradition, and conveys the meaning of Gampopa`s text as it has been traditionally taught down the centuries.

Gampopa was a saintly monk and accomplished scholar, who after training with the original Kadampa masters was inspired to seek out Tibet`s famous yogi Milarepa - under whose guidance he attained enlightenment. The Jewel Ornament of Liberation from this forefather of the Kagyu tradition contains a wealth of knowledge, presented through the lucidity and authority of a truly enlightened mind.
Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
Our Price: £45.00

The much loved spiritual songs of Tibet's great yogi, the cotton-clad master of sutra and tantra who wandered the country, teaching wherever he went with his spellbinding spontaneous songs of enlightenment.

Now available in one volume, Tibetans accord this work a classic status and revere Milarepa as probably the best single exemplar of the religious life. The Hundred Thousand Songs, says the book's translator, has been read as the biography of a saint, a guide book for devotions, a manual of Buddhist yoga, a volume of songs and poems, and even a collection of Tibetan folklore and fairy tales. Milarepa's songs are filled with fascinating tales of miraculous encounters and colourful imagery, and present a valuable insight into the living quality of Tibetan Buddhism. The songs and stories include Milarepa's subjugation and conversion of demons, and his meetings and teachings to his disciples, particularly Gampopa and Rechungpa.
Our Price: £23.50

A translation of the autobiography of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, one of the most influential Tibetan teachers and scholars, and proponent of the Rimey nonsectarian movement. Jamgon Kongtrul (1813-1900) was also a prolific writer and this book includes two additional texts: one, authored by Kongtrul himself, discusses the past masters of whom he was considered to be an emanation; the second was written by one of his close personal students and recounts Kongtrul's final days and funeral rites.
Music in the Sky
Our Price: £16.99

A detailed portrait of the young Karmapa, his escape from Tibet, his first teachings and a selection of his poetry.

As the second millennium drew to a close, the fourteen-year old Seventeenth Karmapa, Ogyen Trinle Dorje, leapt from a window of his monastery in Tibet. Evading his Chinese guards, he began a gruelling, dangerous journey to exile in India. Now, for the first time in print, this book offers a series of the charismatic seventeen year-old Karmapa`s teachings and poetry. Included are brief biographies of all the previous Karmapas, specially composed by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Includes 59 colour photos.

"The bright sun of the Gyalwa Karmapa shines through this book. It illuminates his young life from his discovery in Eastern Tibet through his journey to India. The text also reveals the breadth of his teachings and the beauty of his poetry and art. It has been my experience that the Seventeenth Karmapa delights in the study of Buddhism, demonstrating a seriousness and concentration well beyond his years. Anyone wishing to know more about him and the ancient tradition of Buddhism he embodies would do well to read this book." Thrangu Rinpoche.
Living in Compassion


Author: Bardor Tulku Rinpoche

This book is an accessible and practical resource on the Buddhist path, centered around bringing the practice of compassion to everything we do. It begins with a teaching on marriage and relationships as seen from a Buddhist perspective, with emphasis on the application of personal discipline and the understanding of karma in our personal and family lives.

The second section is a complete, detailed commentary on The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, one of the most important Tibetan texts on the path of compassion and wisdom. In the third and final section of the book, Bardor Rinpoche gives a complete teaching on the six perfections, the transcendent qualities of generosity, morality, patience, diligence, meditation, and wisdom.

On Buddha Essence - A Commentary on Rangjung Dorje's Treatise
Our Price: £11.99

Author: Khenchen Thrangu

A new commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche on the Third Karmapa's classic text on Buddha nature. In the nineteenth century Jamgon Kongtrul composed a commentary to the text, which Thrangu Rinpoche has used here as the basis for the teachings in this book.

According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, human being's true nature, or Buddha essence, is the foundation from which all wisdom develops. In order to discover our Buddha nature, the meditator needs to know how to meditate correctly and must properly understand the reason for practicing meditation. We also need training in how the philosophy and practice come together in the development of insight. This text contains instructions on how to discover Buddha essence in ourselves.

"By wholeheatedly following these step-by-step instructions, we can experience the inexpressible wisdom and goodness of our mind. What could be more precious than that!" Pema Chodron.
"Thrangu Rinpoche explains the aspects of impermanence, permanence, temporality, and the eternal nature of the three kayas with great clarity and alacrity, showing readers the practical implications of these otherwise rarefied Buddhist concepts." Traleg Kyabgon.
Nyima Tashi - The Songs and Instructions of the First Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche
Our Price: £14.95

Author: Yeshe Gyamtso

The story of the first Traleg Rinpoche, Nyima Tashi, with a translation of a collection of his songs and teachings.
The Traleg Kyapgons have been principal lineage holders of Thrangu monastery of the Karma Kagyu tradition in Eastern Tibet since the sixteenth century. Before then, in fact before the name Traleg Kyapgon was bestowed upon a succession of incarnations, this holy being served the Buddha's teachings and demonstrated the achievement of awakening many times under many names. This book details some of these previous incarnations. In essence, the Traleg Kyapgon is held to be an incarnation of the bodhisattva Vajrapani, the personification of the power of all Buddhas.

"Appearances, sounds and thoughts have been the dharmakaya from the beginning. If you know that and are without fixation on them, there is nothing to be done to the appearances of the six groups. Self-liberated in that state of relaxation, they are great bliss, the dharmakaya. This is the unsurpassable wisdom of all Buddhas. It is entire point of all dharma." Nyima Tashi.
Mind at Ease
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Author: Traleg Kyabgon

A uniquely insightful overview and practice guide to mahamudra meditation. The focus of these teachings is to point out to the practitioner the true nature of reality - which is beyond concept, limitation, and measure. Rinpoche gives a brief history of how the mahamudra view and techniques developed and shows how this particular school of thought fits in with other Tibetan Buddhist systems. He then goes on to present the basic principles of mahamudra, providing an exploration of mahamudra fundamentals and thorough explanations of ground, path, and fruition mahamudra, including meditation techniques for investigating, experiencing, and contemplating these teachings. Traleg Kyabgon's approach is straightforward - he presents the mahamudra teachings as a means of seeing things in, as he says, "a positive and open light, even things we might normally regard as bad and undesirable can be interpreted in a more uplifting way due to the expansiveness of the mahamudra vision."
Medicine Buddha Teachings
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Author: Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen

New edition. Commentaries by Thrangu Rinpoche on the Medicine Buddha Sadhana and the Medicine Buddha Sutra, known as the Twelve Great Aspirations of the Medicine Buddha.

Thrangu Rinpoche not only elucidates the details of this particular practice, but also many of the basic principles of tantric theory and practice in general. Included is the Medicine Buddha Sadhana along with two shorter versions.
"Each deity has its own particular relative blessing. If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical and mental illness and suffering. Deity meditation is just another version of shamatha and vipassana. When one meditates on the form, the attributes, entourage and environment, and the internal mandala of the deity, and when one recites the deity's mantra, one is practicing shamatha; and when one realizes that all that one is meditating on is mere empty appearance, one is practicing vipassana. But because meditation on the deity and on the union of the deity and one's own root lama instantly connects one with the empty clear light nature - the power of this form of shamatha is immeasurably greater than that of ordinary tranquillity meditation." Lama Tashi Namgyal.
The Dharma
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Author: Kalu Rinpoche

Fundamental teachings covering the four noble truths, the bardo, mandala offering, vows and mahamudra. This collection of teachings by the late renowned Kagyu master Kalu Rinpoche were given in America in 1982 and cover a wide range of topics, including the Four Dharmas of Gampopa, siddhi, women and Dharma, and an aspiration prayer: the Eight Thoughts of a Great Person.

Also included is a short teaching by Lama Norlha on the Five Skandhas.
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The first volume in this series is an excellent resource on the Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind to the Dharma, plus the Mahamudra preliminaries or Ngondro. Commentary is given by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. These extensive and beautiful teachings include how to apply these and other practices in order to benefit others. Volume One also covers the foundational teachings on the three vehicles and the vows and precepts. Although the emphasis is on the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism are included.

The great master Karma Chakme Rinpoche, born in 1613, was one of the most highly realized and accomplished scholar-yogis of Tibet. In order to benefit all practitioners pursuing the path of Dharma, he composed over one hundred volumes of teachings, of which this text, Mountain Dharma, represents the essence.
"Karma Chakme's Mountain Dharma is a complete text for those who want to practice Tibetan Buddhism. It is very precise and very clear. If you become well acquainted with this text, you have everything you need to achieve enlightenment." Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.
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The second volume in this series examines the complete path of Mahamudra from initial experience to full realization. Commentary is given by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.

There is emphasis on how to conduct a proper retreat, plus the longevity practices of White Tara and Tseringma, geomancy, Chod practice, and how to use compassion as protection from fear and danger. This volume introduces the tantras, and gives highest yoga tantra instructions for Vairochana purification practices.

The great master Karma Chakme Rinpoche, born in 1613, was one of the most highly realized and accomplished scholar-yogis of Tibet. In order to benefit all practitioners pursuing the path of Dharma, he composed over one hundred volumes of teachings, of which this text, Mountain Dharma, represents the essence.

"Karma Chakme's Mountain Dharma is a complete text for those who want to practice Tibetan Buddhism. It is very precise and very clear. If you become well acquainted with this text, you have everything you need to achieve enlightenment." Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.
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The third volume in this series with commentary given by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.

The great master Karma Chakme Rinpoche, born in 1613, was one of the most highly realized and accomplished scholar-yogis of Tibet. In order to benefit all practitioners pursuing the path of Dharma, he composed over one hundred volumes of teachings, of which this text, Mountain Dharma, represents the essence.

"Karma Chakme's Mountain Dharma is a complete text for those who want to practice Tibetan Buddhism. It is very precise and very clear. If you become well acquainted with this text, you have everything you need to achieve enlightenment." Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.
Awakening the Sleeping Buddha
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The most basic, clear principles of Tibetan Buddhism are here lucidly presented by a renowned modern teacher and monk. Tai Situpa illuminates Buddhist teachings in commonsense terms, using down-to-earth examples - making this a perfect handbook for beginners as well as an excellent companion for long-time students. This excellent text includes a glossary of terms.

paperback; 175 pages.
Taming the Tiger
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An excellent book for those new to Buddhism or for anybody wanting to calm their minds. With wit and wisdom, meditation master, Akong Tulku Rinpoche teaches us how to confront and harness the energies of the 'wild tiger' of our minds which otherwise can cause so much suffering to ourselves and others. In the first half of the book, the author explains in clear terms the Buddhist principles as they may be applied to everyday life. The second part consists of a sequence of meditational exercises which can provide a basis for self-knowledge and self-healing which will continue to serve throughout one's life. This programme of training has been developed with Westerners at the Kagyu Samye Ling teaching monastery in Scotland (co-founded by the author), and has subsequently been used in Tibetan Buddhist centres throughout Europe and America.

paperback; 198 pages
TRAINING THE MIND and Cultivating Loving Kindness
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Trungpa Rinpoche has been pivotal in bringing Buddhism to the West. He cofounded the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the West - the Kaygu Samye Ling Centre - and has written many books. His teachings have allowed people from Western cultures to see the relevance and applicability of Buddhism to their circumstances. This book is particularly crisp and refreshing: Trungpa Rinpoche presents us with a set of principles and practices which help us overcome the tyranny of ego and allow us to develop compassion and intelligence in dealing with everyday situations. A gem of a book.

paperback; 250 pages.
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa
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In this book, Ken Holmes draws on a quarter-century of experience close to the senior lamas of the Kagyu tradition, including the 16th Karmapa. He provides information about the land of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism to set the context for an authoritative and insightful account of the Karmapa and his uniqueness, lineage and reincarnation.

The book contains many illustrations and includes 16 pages of full colour photographs.

Paperback; 152 pages.
Ultimately Perfect
Ultimately Perfect by Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa
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This compilation of six talks by Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa (the root guru of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa)  provides a clear and elegant introduction to the very essence of the Buddhist view.

His grasp of the issues and problems of modern urban life is reflected in the wide range of topics covered. He gives advice for living a meaningful and purposeful life, discusses the relationship between contentment, stress and greed, shows how to approach problems positively, demonstrates the way we create the conditions for our suffering and our happiness, and even advises on how to compassionately fire an employee.
The Moon of Wisdom
The Moon of Wisdom
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THE MOON OF WISDOM: Chapter Six of Chandrakirti's Entering the Middle Way with Commentary from the Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje
by Chandrakirti and Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje, trans. by Ari Goldfield, Jules Levinson, Jim Scott and Birgit Scott under guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

Nagarjuna, in his seminal text The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, summarized the vast teachings of the Buddha and used logical reasoning to prove the validity of his words. Entering the Middle Way is Chandrakirti's explanation of Nagarjuna's work. Its sixth chapter, which comprises the majority of the text, has four main sections: an explanation of how, in genuine reality, phenomena do not truly arise; a refutation of the Mind-Only School's assertion that mind truly exists; a refutation of the true existence of the personal self; and an explanation of the sixteen emptinesses taught by the Buddha in the Transcendent Wisdom Sutras.
Rebel Buddha
Rebel Buddha - A Guide to a Revolution of Mind by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
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"Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shatters old myths and sweeps away cultural baggage, presenting the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a fresh, contemporary voice. With uncommon clarity and authority, he offers a new vision for the future of Buddhism that is at once shocking and hopeful. This is a small book with a big message that is timely and important.”—Pema Chödrön, author of When Things Fall Apart
The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep
A Spacious Path to Freedom
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Gyatrul Rinpoche's commentary on a portion of Karma Chagme's 17th century text, "The Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen." The 1st volume is called, "Naked Awareness." A related text (all 3 are translated by B. Alan Wallace) is entitled, "Natural Liberation" and is attributed to Padmasambhava. However, even the 3 together do not completely communicate the original text. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche also wrote a small commentary on the original text entitled: "The Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen." All 4 of these books are well worth reading. They are among the clearest and pithiest of currently available English translations of Mahamudra and Dzogchen texts and help one to not only understand their relationships, but more importantly to understand the underlying truths within them.

Mahamudra is contended to be the highest teaching within the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Dzogchen is similarly regarded for the Nyingma tradition. Thus, the original work can be said to address the very highest Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhist) teachings. It is obvious (even in translation) that Karma Chagme was a great, enlightened master.
Cloudless Sky
Cloudless Sky: The Mahamudra Path of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu School
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The third Jamgön Kongtrul (1954-1992), Buddhist monk and teacher, was one of the heads of the Kagyü order of Tibetan Buddhism.

In this book he provides a commentary on the vajra song (vajra doha) of the first Jamgön Kongtrul ("the Great"), sung upon realizing mahamudra. Masters have often expressed their insights in the form of these songs, whose meaning is considered indestructable and unchanging. This particular doha is part of the Kagyü Gurtso, or "Ocean of Kagyü Songs."

From the foreword: "Using the vajra song as a starting point, Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche presents both an overview of mahamudra, the heart of the Kagyu teachings, and some very practical advice for those who wish to tread upon the mahamudra path.
Heart Lamp: The Heart of the Matter and Lamp of Mahamudra
Heart Lamp: The Heart of the Matter and Lamp of Mahamudra
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Tsele Natsok Rangdröl’s (born c. 1608) writings are considered critical tools for the modern student of non-conceptual meditation practice, in particular those who pursue the paths of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. His works are renowned in the Kagyü and Nyingma schools of Tibetan Buddhism for his brilliant scholarship, profound exposition, and meditative accomplishment. Comprised of two of his most important texts, this collection presents four essential Buddhist strands of philosophical viewpoint and meditation technique: the teachings of the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) body of literature; the philosophy of the Middle Way; Mahamudra meditation; and Dzogchen teachings and practice.
The Quintessence of the Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen
The Quintessence of the Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen
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The Practical Instructions of the Noble Great Compassionate One, Chenrezik

by Karma Chakme Rinpoche

"The Quintessence of the Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen presents in a very concise and inclusive way all that an individual actually needs to practice in order to attain awakening. This style of presentation, in its brevity and directness, is appropriate for the present time because our mental afflictions are strong and life is short. We do not have time to waste." ~ Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

The text, which is composed of eight songs, presents the quintessence of both mahamudra and dzokchen while celebrating their fundamental unity. Written in Karma Chakme's unique style of extreme simplicity and great profundity, it makes what is normally difficult to understand very easy and straightforward.
Wild Awakening
Wild Awakening - Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
Our Price: £22.99

by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Seen as the culmination of all practice and study by the New Translation Schools of Tibetan Buddhism, the experience of Mahamudra, or "great symbol," is an overwhelming sense of extraordinary clarity, totally open and nondualistic. Dzogchen, or "great perfection," is the ultimate teaching according to the Nyingma tradition and also represents the pinnacle of spiritual development.

Both lineages of meditation practice emphasize the ultimate state of awareness within and the clear and luminous nature of the mind. In this book, Dzogchen Ponlop, holder of the wisdom lineages of both Dzogchen and Mahamudra, presents the view and practices of these two traditions with a pragmatic approach and informal style. He teaches that by applying ourselves to these practices, we can all experience our world more directly.
The Life of Milarepa: A New Translation from the Tibetan
The Life of Milarepa: A New Translation from the Tibetan
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Author: Gtsan-Smyon He-Ru-Ka/ Lhalungpa, Lobsang P. (TRN)/ Lhalungpa, Lobsang P.


A powerful and graphic folk tale, full of magic, disaster, feuds, deceptions and humour. Milarepa is still regarded as Tibet's greatest yogi and his story continues to inspire Buddhist practitioners of all lineages. He is famous for his spiritual songs (Dohas), in which he expresses the profundity of his realization of the dharma. He also had many disciples, male and female, including Rechung Dorje Drakpa and Gampopa. His female disciples include Rechungma, Padarbum, Sahle Aui and Tsheringma. It was Gampopa who became Milarepa's spiritual successor, continued his lineage, and became one of the main lineage masters in Milarepa's tradition.
Stars of Wisdom
Stars of Wisdom
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Author: Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

Tibetan Buddhist master Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso is known for his joyful songs of realization and his spontaneous and skillful teaching style. In this book he explains how to gain clarity, peace, and wisdom through step-by-step analysis and meditation on the true nature of reality. He also introduces readers to the joy and profundity of yogic song, and reveals the power of altruistic aspiration prayers to inspire, transform, and brighten our hearts.
Life of Marpa The Translator
Life of Marpa The Translator
Our Price: £24.00

by the Nalanda Translation Committee

The amazing life of the renowned lay yogi - disciple of Naropa and teacher of Milarepa - who founded Tibet's Kagyu tradition. This lucid and moving translation of Marpa's biography by the Nalanda Translation Committee under the direction of Chogyam Trungpa, documents ths story of the layman who raised a family while training his disciples, including his famous student Milarepa.

In his younger days Marpa travelled to India to study the Buddhist teachings and he endured great hardships on his three arduous journeys there, but these were nothing compared to the difficult trials that he had to undergo under his Indian guru Naropa and other teachers. Yet Marpa succeeded in mastering the teachings, translating them and bringing them back to Tibet and establishing the practice lineage of the Kagyu tradition which continues to this day.
Mahamudra: The Moonlight
Mahamudra: The Moonlight - Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
Our Price: £25.99

When "Mahamudra" first appeared in 1986, it was a landmark in the history of Buddhist publishing in English. It was translated at the behest of the 16th Karmapa, who was asked what text would be most beneficial to Western practitioners. Collecting all of Mahamudra's key texts in one volume, the book is a staple for practitioners of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, who appreciate its detailed theoretical and practical explanations. This stunning new edition, printed on fine paper, is as inspiring to behold as it is to read.

The entire path from the development of concentration through to the spaciousness of realisation is encompassed in this thorough and authorative work.
Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche
Essentials of Mahamudra - Thrangu Rinpoche
Our Price: £13.99

What would you see if you looked directly at your mind? The Tibetan Buddhist teachings on mahamudra are known for their ability to lead to profound realization. Peaceful and infinitely adaptable, these teachings are as useful for today's busy world as they have been for centuries. Written by the tutor to the seventeenth Karmapa, "Essentials of Mahamudra" is a commentary on Tashi Namgyal's famous "Moonlight of Mahamudra"--a text that the sixteenth Karmapa had identified as the most valuable for Westerners. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche recognized that Western meditators don't just need to know how to maintain meditation practice; they need to know why they should do it. Unmatched in its directness, "Essentials of Mahamudra" addresses both these needs, rendering one of the most advanced forms of meditation for our everyday lives.
Profound Wisdom of the Heart Sutra and Other Teachings
Profound Wisdom of the Heart Sutra and Other Teachings
Our Price: £8.95

By Bokar Rinpoche

Three lessons to guide us through the questions of inner and outer phenomena. The first takes us step by step through the Heart Sutra, the second stresses the instrumental power of love and compassion in ridding ourselves of anger, and the last looks at phenomena and the law of karma.
Tangtong Gyalpo: King of the Empty Plain
Tangtong Gyalpo: King of the Empty Plain - Hardback from Tsadra Foundation
Our Price: £43.99

This biography entitled "King of the Empty Plain" is familiar to every Tibetan yet nearly unknown in the rest of the world. Tangtong Gyalpo's incredible lifespan, profound teachings, unprecedented engineering feats, eccentric deeds, and creation of Tibetan opera have earned this fascinating figure a unique status in Tibetan culture. Believed to be the great Indian master Padmasambhava appearing again in the world to benefit living beings, he discovered techniques for achieving longevity that are still held in highest esteem and are frequently taught six hundred years later.
Straight From The Heart: Buddhist Pith Instructions
Straight From The Heart: Buddhist Pith Instructions
Our Price: £28.99

"Essential teachings. . . . The deepest insights are presented here straight from the heart. I consider this a great contribution to the study of Buddhism."—Ringu Tulku

Straight from the Heart brings together an inspiring collection of Buddhist teachings, songs of realization, meditation instructions, and enlightened poetry all chosen for their power to speak directly to the student. Drawn from Indian Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism as well as from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, some will impress with their beautiful poetry and powerful imagery; others with their profound power of instruction. Still others share personal advice for life that seems to come directly from the mouth of the author, and some serve as immediate and profound practice instructions. Several are just delightfully unconventional, even outrageous, letting in fresh air on petrified views or musty traditions. Most of them are simply unknown precious gems, which deserve a wider audience. Each of the works is preceded by a brief introduction and a short biography of its author. Many of these are legendary accounts of supernatural feats edifying examples for students on the same spiritual path, meant to expand their limited outlook with “mind-blowing” stories. Miraculous deeds, magnificent songs, and pithy instructions distinguish this collection assembled by the Buddhist scholar and translator Karl Brunnhölzl, whose years of work among dharma texts and his skill as a translator yield a rich mine of teachings all chosen for their ability to speak directly to the heart.

Translated by Karl Brunnholzl
When Things Fall Apart - Heart Advice for Difficult Times
Our Price: £10.99

by Pema Chodron.

Drawn from traditional Buddhist wisdom, Pema Chodron's radical and compassionate advice for what to do when things fall apart in our lives goes against the grain of our usual habits and expectations. She teaches that there is only one approach to suffering that is of lasting benefit: moving toward painful situations with friendliness and curiosity, relaxing into the essential groundlessness of our entire situation. It is there, in the midst of chaos, that we can discover the truth and love that are indestructible.

Pema Chodron is an American Buddhist nun; she is a teacher at Gampo Abbey, the first Tibetan monastery in North America established for Westerners.

Paperback; 208 pages.