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Essence of Refined Gold

The Third Dalai Lama's famous exposition of Atisha's Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, the basis of the Lam rim teachings, with a commentary by the present Dalai Lama.
Essence of the Path to Enlightenment

Author(s) : Geshe Thubten Loden

A clear and concise presentation of the Tibetan "lam rim" approach to spiritual, mental and personal development, presenting the essential stages of spiritual development and leading the reader through progressively deeper and more subtle aspects of the path.
Fulfillment of All Hopes

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Guru Devotion in Tibetan Buddhism.
Author(s) : Lama Tsong Khapa & Sparham, Gareth

Fundamental to the practice of Tibetan Buddhism, and particularly to the tantric tradition, is the much misunderstood principle of devotion to the spiritual teacher. This book is an explanation of this core practice by Lama Tsong Khapa, founder of the Gelug school and one of Tibet's most revered masters.

Presented here is a complete translation of Tsong Khapa's commentary on the well-known Fifty Stanzas of Guru Devotion by the Indian master Asvaghosha, accompanied by the Tibetan text. Tsong Khapa skilfully explains the necessity for a guru, and how to enter into the correct relationship with one.
Bliss of Inner Fire - Heart Practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa
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Author: Lama Thubten Yeshe

Based on Lama Tsong Khapa's text "Having the Three Convictions", this book is a commentary on the renowned Six Yogas of Naropa.

Lama Yeshe concentrates mainly on the practice of inner fire, or tumo, the first of the six yogas and a foundation stone of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Mastery of inner fire quickly brings the mind to its most refined and penetrating state - the experience of clear light, an extraordinarily powerful state of mind that is unequaled in its ability to directly realize ultimate reality. Lama Yeshe`s aim was for his students to actually taste the experience of inner fire rather than merely gain an intellectual understanding.
"We really need tantra these days because there is a tremendous explosion of delusion and distraction...and we need the atomic energy of inner fire to blast us out of our delusion. In tantric practice, we work with the energy of our own human body. The human body is the gold mine of tantra; it is our most precious possession. What we need is a skillful method to harness this powerful energy so that we can achieve not only more and more satisfaction in our everyday lives, but eventually the total satisfaction of full enlightenment. What we need is the practice of inner fire." Lama Yeshe.
Deity Yoga
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Heart of Mantra and Great Exposition of Secret Mantra parts 2 and 3

A continuation of Tantra in Tibet, with a commentary by the Dalai Lama. Focusing on the practice of deity yoga, it describes the profound process of meditation in the Action and Performance Tantras. Included is a translation of the section on Action and Performance tantras from Lama Tsong Khapa`s Great Exposition of Secret Mantra, with illustrations of the mudras that accompany the meditations. The work concludes with a supplement by Jeffrey Hopkins that details the structure of Action tantra.
Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra
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Author(s) : Dalai Lama & Berzin, Alexander

This Gelug/Kagyu tradition of mahamudra was formulated by the First Panchen Lama, and is known in this way because it uses Kagyu-style techniques for recognizing the conventional nature of the mind, and typical Gelug methods in recognizing its deepest nature. This book presents an exceptional commentary on the First Panchen Lama's text. This treasury of practical instruction contains extensive teachings on the nature of mind, the development of calm abiding; the sutra and tantra levels of mahamudra, and the compatibility of dzogchen and highest yoga tantra. The book opens with an overview of mahamudra by Alex Berzin that discusses the relation of mind, appearances and reality and offers practical techniques for overcoming problems of excessive worry, anxiety and disturbing thought.