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Wild Earth Nepal

AMITABHA in Dewachen Visualisation Card Rebel Buddha - A Guide to a Revolution of Mind by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
Our Price: £2.50
Our Price: £18.99
Known as the compassionate Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitabha guides beings toward a favorable rebirth in Dewachen.

Colorful images of enlightenment for visualization and meditation, each laminated Sacred Art Card features a traditional brocade border and has a description and mantra of the deity or mandala on the back.

Size: 5 × 7″

produced by Dharma Publishing
"Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shatters old myths and sweeps away cultural baggage, presenting the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a fresh, contemporary voice. With uncommon clarity and authority, he offers a new vision for the future of Buddhism that is at once shocking and hopeful. This is a small book with a big message that is timely and important.”—Pema Chödrön, author of When Things Fall Apart
DOUBLE DORJE TABLE COVER for BELL & DORJE - Blue Antique Peacock and Pheonix Chinese Incense Burner or Censer - 19th C
Our Price: £14.95
Our Price: £210.00
Puja Table Cover for Bell & Dorje Antique Peacock and Pheonix Chinese Incense Burner or Censer - 19th C
A popular brocade table cover with a vibrant Double Dorje design. Perfect for placing your Bell and Dorje or other ritual items on.

approx 9 inches x 9 inches
rich golden blue brocade with double dorje or vajra design
Hand crafted in Nepal
A beautiful dark bronze traditional ritual incense burner or censer. Decorated with a raised peacock and pheonix motif and with snow lion head handles. Larger than normally seen and with a lovely oval shape. Perfect for burning resins and traditional Tibetan sang.

Age: late 19th/early 20th C
Origin: China
Condition: A robust burner in very good condition. Patina commensurate with age.
Material: Bronze alloy
Height approx 4.75 inches
width at widest point approx 5 inches
length approx 7 inches

To purchase traditional sang, resin and charcoal please visit the sang incense section.

In the Spotlight!

Antique Turquoise bead

Our Price: £150.00
Antique Turquoise bead
A large freeform antique turquoise bead.

33.5 mm x 30 mm
Origin: Tibet
Age: 100 years plus
Condition: Mostly very good.

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Rare Quality Banded Agate Bead - 63 mm
Our Price: £120.00
Rare Quality 15th C style Two Metal Phurba
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Magnificent Strand of Banded Agate Bhaisajyguru
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Small Beaded Vajra Knotwork Pendant
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