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Beautiful hand crafted Dharma items for your shrine and practice.

Wild Earth Nepal

Our Price: £12.00
Our Price: £7.95
Ausadha Premium Grade Ayurvedic Incense Guggul
Himalayan Healing Ayurvedic Sticks

Ausadha is the Sanskrit word for medicine. Prepared entirely by hand, the ingredients are blended and hand-ground according to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe. Ausadha has a wonderful calming effect on the mind, so is an ideal aid to meditation and relaxation. According to the texts it helps soothe the nervous system and mental disturbances. It has also been found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy and nervous twitching etc. Being a Himalayan medicinal incense it is much stronger in potency than the Ayurvedic incense seen coming from India. The aroma is woody and earthy with hints of spice.

Free from harmful artificial chemicals.
100% natural herbal ingredients.
Including: sandalwood, benzoin and cypress
Hand made in Nepal.
Prized thoughout the Himalayas this natural Gugul (also Guggul and Gokul) resin is a wonderful aid to meditation and puja. It is often burnt in monasteries during empowerments and rituals to dispel negatvity.

Gugul is a sticky gum resin from the mukul myrrh tree, it plays a major role in the traditional herbal medicine of India. It was traditionally combined with other herbs for the treatment of arthritis, skin diseases, pains in the nervous system, obesity, digestive problems, infections in the mouth, and menstrual problems. In the early 1960s, Indian researchers discovered an ancient Sanskrit medical text that appears to clearly describe the symptoms and treatment of high cholesterol.
Lotus Flower Table Brocade for Bhumpa Vase FINE 1000 ARMED CHENREZIG THANGKA
Our Price: £13.95
Our Price: £850.00
Lotus Flower Table Brocade 1000 ARMED CHENREZIG THANGKA
A gorgeous Tibetan table brocade in the shape of a lotus flower. Designed to sit under all types of traditional Bhumpa vases.

Silk Brocade
diameter approx 130 mm
Hand crafted, so the colour of brocade may vary.
A fantastic hand painted thangka of the 1000 Armed Chenrezig. Painted to the higest standard.

Please note that this Thangka will be coming directly from our artist in Nepal, so will take 8 weeks to complete. You will receive a Thangka of equal quality, painted by the same artist as the picture shown. It will be worth the wait!

Canvas Size:
approx width = 16 inches
approx height =  24 inches

Approx Size incl Brocade:
height = 51 inches
width = 31 inches

This thangka will be framed in the traditional manner with brocade.

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Rose Quartz Wrist Mala - 21 Beads

Our Price: £8.95
Rose Quartz Wrist Mala - 21 Beads
A delightful 21 bead rose quartz wrist mala. Strung on strong elasticated cord and finished with an eternal knot.

21 bead rose quartz wrist mala plus the guru bead
8 mm beads

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