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Beautiful hand crafted Dharma items for your shrine and practice.

Wild Earth Nepal

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Translated by Valerie J. Roebuck


One of the best-known and best-loved works of Buddhist literature, the "Dhammapada" forms part of the oldest surviving body of Buddhist writings, and is traditionally regarded as the authentic teachings of the Buddha himself, spoken by him in his lifetime, and memorized and handed on by his followers after his death. A collection of simple verses gathered in themes such as 'awareness', 'fools' and 'old age', the "Dhammapada" is accessible, instructional and mind-clearing, with lessons in each verse to give ethical advice and to remind the listener of the transience of life.
Place your bell and vajra and other ritual items on this wonderful Mahakala or Dharmapala table cover. Displays an embroidered Dharmapala face on a golden yellow background.

Hand crafted in Nepal
approx 10 inches x 8.5 inches
Extra Large Round Nepalese Bodhiseed - 14 mm Brilliant Moon
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Extra Large Round Nepalese Bodhiseed - 14mm
A very fine extra large Nepalese bodhiseed mala. Each seed has been polished smooth so that they are perfectly uniform in shape and size. Each seed displays a single naturally formed eye.

A mala made from bodhiseed increases the merit of any form of practice, be it peaceful, expansive, powerful or wrathful.

Nepalese Seeds approx 14 mm
hand crafted in Nepal
The Autobiography of Dilgo Khyentse

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991) was one of the most influential and respected Tibetan Buddhist masters of our age. There was something remarkable about his presence that impressed everyone who met him - a quality of mind that comes across even in photographs. Here is his memoir of an incredible life of study, teaching, and solitary retreat, told with a wealth of anecdotes and stories. It will be an inspiration to the readers of his numerous books - as well as to all Buddhist practitioners, who will welcome this rare opportunity to hear the experiences of a highly realized being in his own words.

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Rare Hand Carved Ritual Iron Phurba

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Rare Hand Carved Ritual Iron & Copper Phurba - 15th C Replica
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A master quality copper and iron ritual phurba or kila. Hand crafted by a Tibetan family who have been making ritual phurbas for more than 50 years. Iron is notoriously difficult to carve and these kilas have been worked entirely by hand. It has taken the maker 8 months to create just eight phurbas for us in this quality, so this should give you some idea of the time and effort required to finish each piece. This is usually the kind of work commissioned by high Lamas and monasteries and therefore not readily available in the marketplace. The actual design of this Phurba is based on examples dated to the 15th Century and today they are usually only seen in museum collections. The two metals work beautifully together and they will develop a lovely usage patina with the passage of time.

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Rare Quality Burmese Jadeite & Ruby Mala - 7 mm

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Square Tibetan Shrine Brocade - Endless Knot
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Two Metal Phurba
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Blue Sky ~ Good Morning Pancha Karma Incense
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Rare Quality Nine Prong Iron Vajra
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