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Wild Earth Nepal

Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Bhutanese Incense - Yellow - Approx 30 sticks Golden Waves Ceremonial Japanese Temple Incense - Finest
Our Price: £8.50
Our Price: £77.95
Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Incense - Yellow Golden Waves Ceremonial Japanese Temple Incense
A standard size pack of hand rolled Lopen Tharpola Incense. Containing premium grade medicinal herbs and plant resins that are mainly found high in the Himalayas. Some of the prized ingredients include: clove, cardamom, nutmeg, carthamus, saffron, cinnamon, rhododendron, Sandalwood and other herbal ingredients and spices. Burning this incense is believed to enhance meditation practice, relaxation and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Free from chemicals and artificial scents. 100% natural!
This is a superior 100% natural Japanese temple incense with sticks of an exceptional size. The burn time is an incredible 2 hours 30 minutes for each stick.

A vibrant and deeply meditative blend of aloeswood with rich plant musk and sandalwood.

Highly recommended!

Each pack contains 25 sticks Length 36 cm
Burn time 2 h 30 each.
DERADHUN BELL & DORJE SET - Middle Quality - Kirtimukha Design XX Large Natural Nepalese Bodhiseed Mala - 13 to 14 mm
Our Price: £120.00
Our Price: £120.00
BELL & DORJE SET - Mid Range XX Large Natural Nepalese Bodhiseed Mala - 13 to 14 mm
This is a wonderful bell and dorje set of finer quality than our standard sets. The bell handle and vajra are finished to a high standard and fire gilded in 24k gold. The detail on the bell itself is not as finely cast as the higher quality bells we have listed, however,  the sound quality remains excellent, making this set very good value for money. This is what many other stores are selling as their finest quality.

Quality: 5 metal bronze alloy
The bells are approximately 17 to 18 cms high.
The sets come complete with brocade cover.
Our largest size natural Nepalese bodhiseed malas. These fine quality seeds are completely natural and unpolished. Each seed displays an eye.

A mala made from bodhiseed increases the merit of any form of practice, be it peaceful, expansive, powerful or wrathful.

108 beads plus the guru bead.
strung on strong braided cord.
Natural Nepalese Seeds
approx 13 to 14 mm (diameter)
colour of cord may vary between malas.

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Antique Tibetan Drala Thangka - 19th C

Our Price: £1,500.00
Sale Price: £1,300.00
You save £200.00!
Antique Tibetan Drala Thangka - 19th C
A 19th C thangka painting of a Tibetan Drala. Dralas are often viewed as being non-human and related to a class of Gods. In Tibet they are believed to be part of the retinue of King Gesar. According to Chogyam Trungpa the Drala represent 'Wisdom beyond Aggression'.

This painting is believed to show a Drala associated with a particular region or sacred mountain in Tibet. In this thangka he can be seen in warrior appearance riding a white horse. Dralas are typically seen as Dharma protectors that were oathbound by Padmasambhava in the 8th century. At the bottom left is displayed Rahula, an important protector deity of the Nyingma tradition. There are also other classes of beings present such as Nagas in the bottom centre and bottom right. Dralas can also be seen in the sky and at the apex is an unknown lineage guru

Origin: Collected in Tibet in the 1980s and part of the Stone Routes Collection.
Age: 19th C
Condition: Mostly good with weathering commensurate with age.
Measurement with brocade = 18 inches x 31 inches
Measurement of actual canvas = 13 inches x 18.5 inches

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