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Tibetan Book of the Dead - First Complete English Translation
Tibetan Book of the Dead - First Complete English Translation
Our Price: £14.99

Author: Gyurme Dorje and Edited by Graham Coleman with Thubten Jinpa

This is the first ever complete and unabridged translation of the Bardo Thodrol, popularly known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Created in close co-operation with a remarkable range of contemporary Tibetan masters, including guidance from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Zenkar Rinpoche and Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche, this new translation represents a major step in the understanding of the Tibetan Buddhist vision of our journey through life and death.
What makes you NOT a Buddhist
Our Price: £12.99

New paperback edition. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche is one of the most innovative and creative young Tibetan Lamas teaching today. The film director of critically acclaimed movies The Cup and Travellers and Magicians, this provocative teacher is widely known and admired in the West.

Moving away from conventional presentations of Buddhist teachings, Rinpoche challenges readers to make sure they know what they're talking about before they claim to be a Buddhist. With wit and irony, he urges us to move beyond the superficial trappings of Buddhism - beyond a romance with beads, incense, and exotic people in robes - straight to the heart of what the Buddha taught. He throws down the gauntlet to the Buddhist world, challenging common misconceptions, stereotypes, and fantasies. In essence, this book explains what a Buddhist really is.
Awakening the Sleeping Buddha
Our Price: £18.99

The most basic, clear principles of Tibetan Buddhism are here lucidly presented by a renowned modern teacher and monk. Tai Situpa illuminates Buddhist teachings in commonsense terms, using down-to-earth examples - making this a perfect handbook for beginners as well as an excellent companion for long-time students. This excellent text includes a glossary of terms.

paperback; 175 pages.
Taming the Tiger
Our Price: £9.99

An excellent book for those new to Buddhism or for anybody wanting to calm their minds. With wit and wisdom, meditation master, Akong Tulku Rinpoche teaches us how to confront and harness the energies of the 'wild tiger' of our minds which otherwise can cause so much suffering to ourselves and others. In the first half of the book, the author explains in clear terms the Buddhist principles as they may be applied to everyday life. The second part consists of a sequence of meditational exercises which can provide a basis for self-knowledge and self-healing which will continue to serve throughout one's life. This programme of training has been developed with Westerners at the Kagyu Samye Ling teaching monastery in Scotland (co-founded by the author), and has subsequently been used in Tibetan Buddhist centres throughout Europe and America.

paperback; 198 pages
Women of Wisdom by Tsultrim Allione
Our Price: £14.99

Biographies of six great Tibetan yoginis introduced with details from the author's own life and spiritual journey. These stories of great women who achieved enlightenment, overcoming cultural prejudices and a host of other problems that male practitioners do not encounter, offer insight and inspiration to everyone on the spiritual path.

The book details the life stories of Machig Lapdron (founder of the Chod practice), Ayu Khadro Dorje Paldron, Nangsa Obum, Jomo Memo, Machig Ongjo and Drenchen Rema. In this revised and expanded edition, Tsultrim Allione`s extensive autobiographical introduction (she was one of the first Western women to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun) speaks directly to the difficulties and triumphs of women in the West who pursue a spiritual life as she shares her own stories and experiences.

"One of the first and best books to bring out the riches of the feminine in Buddhism. Filled with inspired stories, Women of Wisdom is truly a classic." Jack Kornfield.
Feeding your Demons
Feeding your Demons by Tsultrim Allione
Our Price: £9.99

Based on the Chod, or Cutting Through Ego Clinging, teachings of the Tibetan yogini Machig Lapdron, this book presents these ancient practices to the modern Western world - an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illnesses, and self-defeating patterns. Allione, author of Women of Wisdom, explains that if we fight our demons they only grow stronger - but if we feed them, nurture them, we can free ourselves from the battle. Through the practice outlined in Feeding Your Demons, we can learn to overcome any obstacle and achieve freedom and inner peace.

"Feeding Your Demons offers an original and powerful approach to challenging the forces at work in the shadows of our psyche. Tsultrim Allione has done a masterful job of translating ancient - and fascinating - methods to heal modern emotional troubles." Daniel Goleman.

"A bold, beautiful, and original work, a book that Carl Jung could only have dreamed of writing. Tsultrim Allione shares the accumulated fruits of her own deep understanding in a completely accessible way, taking the most profound insights and rendering them simply and straightforwardly without compromising them. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, a gift to all who read it." Mark Epstein.

"Tsultrim Allione shows us what life could look like if we were not struggling, not hating ourselves for our problems and frailties, but rather were relating to these challenges with awareness and compassion. She illuminates a clear and practical guide to transformation." Sharon Salzberg.

"Offers us a powerful and transformative practice…one that can heal the deepest wounds and reveal profound spiritual truths. What is so striking is how, through her own tremendous clarity and heart, Allione brings this practice alive and renders it truly accessible." Tara Brach.
The Snow Lion's Turquoise Mane


Wisdom Tales from Tibet by Lama Surya Das.

This book brings together over 150 authentic Buddhist teaching tales - most never before translated into English. These captivating stories, legends and yarns have been passed orally from teacher to student. They capture the vibrant wisdom of an ancient and still living oral tradition. Magical, whimsical, witty and ribald, this remarkable book unfolds a luminous vision of a universe where basic goodness, harmony and hope prevail.

Paperback; 255 pages.
TRAINING THE MIND and Cultivating Loving Kindness
Our Price: £10.99

Trungpa Rinpoche has been pivotal in bringing Buddhism to the West. He cofounded the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the West - the Kaygu Samye Ling Centre - and has written many books. His teachings have allowed people from Western cultures to see the relevance and applicability of Buddhism to their circumstances. This book is particularly crisp and refreshing: Trungpa Rinpoche presents us with a set of principles and practices which help us overcome the tyranny of ego and allow us to develop compassion and intelligence in dealing with everyday situations. A gem of a book.

paperback; 250 pages.
The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs.
Our Price: £65.00

Hardback (Subject to availability)

Robert Beer is a British artist who has studied and practiced Tibetan thangka painting for 30 years. This book on the sacred art of Tibet is the result of a lifetime's research and reflection on the inner and often hidden meanings and origins encapsulated in this complex iconographical tradition. The book contains several thousand individual drawings that illustrate the many variations in style, lineages and individual expression in Tibetan sacred art. The authoritative text interweaves the origins, meanings and functions of these symbols within the Buddhist tradition.

A most excellent reference book for all those interested in Tibetan Buddhist art and symbolism.
Hardback; 372 pages
The Buddhist Handbook

currently unavailable!

John Snelling.

If there is one book to read to gain a good understanding of the core Buddhist beliefs, this is it. Writing in a simple and clear style, the author presents essential information on the main teachings of Buddhism and the practice of meditation. He also provides an outline of Buddhist literature and the different schools of Buddhism including theravadan and mahayanan traditions, tibetan, zen, pureland, nichiren and others. As well as this, there is an account of the spread of Buddhism to the West, a 'Whos Who' amongst contemporary teachers, writers and practitioners, a list of useful addresses and recommended further reading.

Paperback; 373 pages.