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Rare Sapphire Stone Carving of Maitreya Buddha
Rare Sapphire Stone Carving of Maitreya Buddha
Our Price: £1,180.00

Unique and one of a kind!

A serene gemstone carving depicting the seated Buddha Maitreya. Hand carved from a single piece of natural sapphire. This Maitreya was a special commission and is the only one that we will offer here.

Condition: Excellent
Material: Sapphire
height 3.5 inches width 2.2 inches depth 1.7 inches
10001.5 carats (200.3 grams)
Maitreya Buddha Statue


A very nice partially gilded rupa of the future Buddha of this world,  Buddha Maitreya. The name Maitreya (Metteyya in Pāli) is derived from the Sanskrit word maitrī (Pāli: mettā) meaning "loving-kindness".

Height approx 9.5 inches.
Origin: Hand crafted and painted in Patan, Nepal.