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Rare Sapphire Stone Carving of Maitreya Buddha
Rare Sapphire Stone Carving of Maitreya Buddha
Our Price: £1,180.00

Unique and one of a kind!

A serene stone carving depicting the seated Buddha Maitreya. Hand carved from a single piece of sapphire. It is extremely hard to find hand carved stone statues of Tibetan Buddhas and deities, so this piece is very rare and highly collectible. This Maitreya carving was especially commissioned and is the only one that we will offer here.

Condition: Excellent
Material: Sapphire
height 3.5 inches width 2.2 inches depth 1.7 inches
10001.5 carats (200.3 grams)
Maitreya Buddha Statue


A very nice partially gilded rupa of the future Buddha of this world,  Buddha Maitreya. The name Maitreya (Metteyya in Pāli) is derived from the Sanskrit word maitrī (Pāli: mettā) meaning "loving-kindness".

Height approx 9.5 inches.
Origin: Hand crafted and painted in Patan, Nepal.