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20 Jataka Tales
Our Price: £11.99

Retold by Noor Inayat Khan.

The author's simple narrative captures the magical and timeless beauty of these famous legends. The stories are ideal for reading to children, as they tell of highly dramatic adventures that are resolved by non-violent and compassionate means. Challenging circumstances bring forth courage and the capacity to love opening the way to solutions against seemingly impossible odds.

148 pages; illustrated by H Willebeek Le Mair.
Golden Foot
Our Price: £7.95

A Jataka Tale: a graceful doe offers her life to save her mate, entangled in a hunter's snare.

30 pages in full colour. For younger children.
Great Gift and the Wish Fulfilling Gem
Our Price: £7.95

A Jataka Tale: a child of India seeks a legendary gem with the power to satisfy human needs and open the way to happiness and peace.

30 pages in full colour. For younger children.
The Best of Friends
Our Price: £7.95

A Jataka Tale: being gentle and kind, the woodpecker helps the lion in time of difficulty, with no thoughts of thanks or reward.

30 pages in full colour. For younger children.
The Rabbit and the Tigerdile

Out of stock!

A story by W.W. Rowe.

Broadly based on a Jataka Tale, this past-life story of the Buddha explains why we can see the image of a rabbit on the face of the moon. When the god Sakra tested four animals, only the rabbit showed true compassion and selfless generosity.
In this exciting adaptation of the tale, Sakra assumes a frightening form - half tiger, half crocodile. During their jungle adventures, the selfish failings of the fox, monkey and weasel are humorously revealed.

Beautiful full-colour illustrations bring the story magically to life. It is delightful to read aloud.

30 pages with coloured illustrations. For ages 5-10


Finding themselves in Rainbowland, two children meet a magical man dressed in robes, who sends them on a strange quest for the wishing stone. Along the way, they are led to discover some special qualities within themselves. They learn to be courageous, to look beyond appearances, to do no harm, and to practice loving kindness.
Rainbowland is a place of magic and enchantment, so it may be only natural that words can do some strange things there. The witch's spells are fun to read backwards; Wobrain is a distortion of rainbow; and the reader may discover a few other surprises.
ALL THE WAY TO LHASA - A Tale from Tibet

Out of print!

A memorable parable from Tibet in which a young boy and his yak bravely overcome all odds to travel to Lhasa, giving a wise and simple message that will inspire children to dream and reach for a shining goal that may seem very far away.

Beautifully illustrated throughout.
Baby Buddhas


Simple guidelines for balancing family and spiritual needs, aimed at showing parents and teachers how to teach meditation to preschool-aged children. Lisa Desmond has spent years developing her methods for teaching meditation to children from eighteen months to three years old. Here, her methods are fully explained and illustrated with pictures that speak for themselves.

Testimonials from parents describe how their children: became calmer, kinder, and more thoughtful of themselves and the world around them, developed a stronger sense of self, and learned to confort themselves when feeling anxious.

"I can see her body relax, her smile appear…it is amazing to me that a child so young can access the calm strength and the feelings of safety and security in this way. I believe she has a tool for life." Mother of a two-year old.
Our Price: £10.95

Tales of Love and Wisdom for You to Read With Your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire.

Building on the age-old art of storytelling, this book re-tells 20 ancient Buddhist tales in a way that is fun and accessible to children. Featuring superb, full page illustrations the stories will transport children into an imaginary world of enlightenment and discovery where they will meet delightful characters and discover an easy-to-understand Buddhist message, which will help children think about how they can apply values such as patience, perseverance, honesty and generosity to their own lives.

Includes: Brave Little Parrot (moral: anything is possible); Two Ducks and a Turtle (think before you speak); the Prince and the Sticky Hair (words are mightier than weapons); the Grateful Bull (show others respect); the Elephant and the Dog (even unlikely characters can become friends); Quails and the Hunter (teamwork); the Princess and the Kingshuk Tree (don't jump to conclusions); the Desert Spring (perseverence); the Lazy Wood Gatherer (don't procrastinate); the Naughty Little Rabbit (listen to those who know more than you); the Small Bowl of Rice (generosity); the Prancing Peacock (pride and vanity); Dirty Old Goblet (honesty); the Golden Goose (show gratitude); the King and the Wise Stag (forgiveness); Mischievous Monkey (hurting others only results in hurting yourself); the Whatnot Fruit (fools rush in); the Lion and the Jackal (fear clouds judgement); the Prince with a Lot to Learn (impermanance and every moment is precious); and Goblin Island (look beyond the obvious to find the truth).
Favorite Children's Stories from China and Tibet
Our Price: £10.95

Nineteen Aesop-like tales, beautifully illustrated. Enter a story-book world where animals speak and play tricks on each other, and especially on the great striped tiger, often characterized as powerful and strong, but who can be fooled. Also depicted are humans who perform magic, both good and bad; humans who become animals, and animals who become humans; magic pancakes, wishing cups, fairy boats; a Chinese Cinderella, and a Tibetan creation story. These unique stories are fresh and charming, full of humerous insights into Chinese life and culture, including the power and influence of the moon and the importance of festivals.


Key Buddhist concepts and principles are playfully explored in numerous tales from the folk traditions of India, China, Japan, Tibet and other countries. Fully illustrated.

Includes: The Living Kuan Yin; the Most Important Thing; the Man Who Didn't Want to Die; Useless Work; the Conch Maiden; the Wisdom of the Crows; Stone Ape; Where Are You Going?; Angulimala the Brigand; Learning to Be Silent; Goodheart and the Goddess of the Forest; Death of the Teacup; and the Foolish Boy.

"A beautiful book, which makes spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking bedtime reading. The language is descriptive and poetic, transporting children into another world of enlightenment and discovery." The Natural Parent.

"A joy for the eyes as well as the mind." Caduceus.

"These are stories to amuse readers for an hour or sustain them for a lifetime; they're presented here with deceptively entertaining adroitness of text and immense visual appeal. An extremely worthy book." Kirkus Review
Our Price: £11.99

written and illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein.

This most beautiful little tale recounts the adventures of a small boy who grows up to be a woodcutter. When he dies, he discovers that life after death includes the opportunity to live again. Now he has to choose where he most wants to live, and what he most wants to be. This highly acclaimed and award winning children's story offers a delightfully thought-provoking introduction to the concept of reincarnation and that life and death are parts of one whole. It is beautifully and imaginatively told and the illustrations are exquisite.

Paperback; 32 pages.
Our Price: £12.99

Dharmachari Nagaraja weaves a thrilling narrative spell while at the same time conveying basic life lessons that will help children to develop their personality, deal with their anxieties, and find peace and confidence as they grow up. The stories explore themes from the Eightfold Path, which is Buddhism's practical route to a happy life. Topics covered, with the lightest of touches, include speaking in a kind and truthful manner, behaving with compassion, thinking selflessly and avoiding the pitfalls of egotism.

Although providing gentle guidance on the art of living well, which is the basis of true happiness, each story is also compelling in its own right, featuring characters, settings and events that every child will find absorbing. Each narrative concludes with an affirmation that helps to draw out its positive message, while the superb, specially commissioned illustrations will delight your child and provide a starting-point for discussion and further enjoyment. The helpful introduction provides insights into the value of Buddhist principles for children and shows how visualisation, imaginative thinking and even first steps in meditation can help to nurture young minds and hearts.

Paperback: 128 pages