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Very Rare Complete Set of  Ritual Bone Ornaments
Very Rare Complete Set of Ritual Bone Ornaments

Please contact us for the price.

A complete set of ritual bone ornaments. It includes the headress, apron, two anklets and two wristlets and breast piece. Comprised of intricately carved Dakini figures, auspicious symbols and seed syllables. The maker of these aprons supplies many of the main Monsateries in Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal and each set can take several months to complete. Such costumes are used during important tantric rituals and performances and were traditionally made from human bone. This set is crafted from Water Buffalo bone.

Origin: Hand crafted in Nepal
Rare Antique Bone Mala - 11 mm Diameter
Rare Antique Ivory Mala w/ Antique Turquoise, Coral & Amber ~ 18th to 19th C

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A rare antique tantric mala or Trengwa comprised of antique ivory (18th/19th C). As with most antique malas, beads are often lost over time or are replaced with other precious beads to make up the numbers. There are only 80 antique ivory beads on this mala and it is assumed that there were once 108. According to the Samputa Tantra, a wrathful mala needs 60 beads and the minimum number of beads for Vajrayana practice is actually 50 beads and not 108 as widely believed. The mala also includes genuine antique amber beads worn smooth from use and also antique turquoise and antique red coral. All display a desirable usage patina that is commensurate with age and ritual use. The two part guru bead is also original and crafted from antique ivory. It is said that the Guru bead is meant to have the appearance of a stupa and in this form represents the Dharmadhatu, the mind in its natural state or reality 'as it is'.

The mala also includes old silver counters which are probably a later addition but they still have some age and are well matched to the mala. On one side of the counters there is a lovely piece of old conch. It appears to have been worn smooth from being used on a prayer wheel. Tibetans believe that the mantra filled drum of a prayer wheel imbues these small pieces of conch with the power of the mantras. Often necklaces of 108 beads are crafted from small discs that have been created simply by the action of a rotating prayer wheel and a bamboo rod cutting into the conch. They are then worn as amulets and highly valued.

Origin: Tibet
Age: 18th/19th C
Re-strung on strong braided cord.
80 x antique ivory approx 7 mm
6 x antique coral beads 11 mm to 14 mm (coral beads are mostly good and remain robust, however, some have cracks or surface fissures commensurate with age).
5 x antique amber 16 mm to 28 mm
5 x antique turquoise 13 mm to 15 mm
Large Antique Conch Shell Pendant - Nagaland
Large Antique Conch Shell Pendant - Nagaland
Our Price: £150.00

A beautiful large conch or chank shell pendant displaying a lovely patina and wear at the holes. This is a genuine Nagaland tribal piece. There are holes on the reverse side to allow it to be suspended on a necklace.

Sourced in India in the 1970s
Age: 19th/early 20th C
Condition: Excellent with weathering commensurate with age
size approx 4 inches x 2 inches
Three Matched Laughing Skull Beads - Hand Carved
Three Matched Laughing Skull Beads - Hand Carved
Our Price: £120.00

Three wonderful hand carved skull beads of rare quality. A great size for using as dividers on a more wrathful mala. You will receive a perfect matched set of three beads. Each bead is drilled straight through at the top of the head and exiting at the base. Each bead is carved by hand and thus has its own unique character.

Hand carved in Bhaktapur, Nepal
Material: Deer Antler
Condition: Excellent
height approx 21 mm
width approx 17 mm
Rare Human Skull Bone Beads - 20 mm Diameter
Rare Human Skull Bone Beads - 20 mm Diameter
Our Price: £60.00

A rare group of 20 human bone disc beads that were originally meant to be included on a tantric mala (Thöpa Trengwa), however, there was not enough beads to finish this project. They are not to be confused with the cheap water buffalo bone malas masqerading as human bone! Guaranteed to be authentic!!

Origin: Himalayas
Beads were crafted in the mid 1990s
diameter approx 20 mm
width approx 3 mm
Bone Skull Beads
Large Bone Skull Bead
Our Price: £5.00

These large vintage skull beads came out of Tibet but were probably made in India or Nepal. In the Himalayan regions the skull bead has long been used in traditional mala compositions. They are also used to adorn ritual dance costumes. You will receive ONE bead of identical quality to the beads shown.

age: less than 50 years
height approx 30 mm x 28 mm
Three Matched Rare Quality Conch Shell Skull Beads
Three Matched Rare Quality Conch Shell Skull Beads
Our Price: £30.00

Three wonderful hand carved conch skull beads. A perfect set full of character and great for adding to a mala.

Sourced in Nepal
Material: Conch/Chank Shell
Condition: Excellent
height approx 17 mm
width approx 16 mm
Huge Conch Shell Bead
Huge Conch Shell Bead
Our Price: £12.00

A wonderful chunky barrel shaped bead. Each bead is hand cut and polished and will display natural pitting and swirls of colour inherent in the shell. These are the nicest conch beads we have come across in recent years.

You will receive one bead of comparable quality to the photo. If you require more please add them to your shopping cart.

Sourced in Nepal
Condition: Excellent
length approx 25 mm width approx 25 mm
Rare Quality Skull Bead
Rare Quality Skull Bead


This is a wonderful hand carved skull bead that appears to be carved from deer antler.

Sourced in the ancient Newar city of Bhaktapur, Nepal
Condition: Excellent
height approx 40 mm
width approx 25 mm