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Garuda Trading

Lost Wax Statues
The finest metal statues in the world.

The ancient lost wax process is used in the making of all our fine quality copper and gilt statues. This is a time consuming process where a wax model of the statue is prepared entirely by hand. It is then covered in clay and heated until the wax melts. Moulten copper alloy is then poured into the cavity and the original wax model becomes visible in the metal. The statue is then made smooth and the finer detail is added by hand. When the image is ready, gold or silver is applied by fire gilding the statue. The whole process is highly skilled work, which makes the Lost Wax statues of Nepal amongst the best in the world. A single statue can take many weeks to create, which is why they are more expensive than other metal statues seen in the marketplace.

Unless otherwise stated, statues are crafted from pure copper and partially gilded with 24k gold. The faces are also hand painted using paint enriched with 24k gold.