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Hard to find amber beads from Tibet and the Himalayan regions.
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Antique Gilded Copper Pendant with Amber
Antique Gilded Copper Pendant with Amber
Our Price: £220.00

A beautiful antique Tibetan pendant crafted from copper and fire gilded. It is inlaid with a large antique amber bead cabachon that could easily be hundreds of years old. The overall condition is very good with a lovely patina from being worn and handled. Collected in the Salween Valley region, North East of Lhasa. A wonderful piece that could be worn as a focal pendant on a necklace.

Origin: Collected in Tibet in the 1980s and part of the Stone Routes Collection.
Weight: 36.5 grams
amber measures 34 mm x 33 mm
height 50 mm, width 55 mm
Material: Gilded copper with antique amber bead cabachon
Age: 19th C (bead could be much older)
Antique Amulet Necklace
Rare Quality Bead Necklace with Coral, Amber, Banded Agates & Silver Amulet


A fine necklace with ancient banded agates, antique coral, antique amber and a huge old silver amulet likely to be from Afghanistan or India. An instant collection of very collectible beads lovingly strung and ready to be worn. One of the most visually striking necklaces we have ever offered.

length of strand approx 20 inches

Coral and amber approx 100 to 300 years
Ancient Banded Agates 400 BCE to 600 CE
Sourced in Nepal
Antique Amber Bead
Antique Amber Bead


A perfect large antique amber bead with excellent colour and lovely end wear.

length 26 mm x 26 mm
Condition: Excellent
Age: 100 to 300 years
Sourced in Nepal