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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and
the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Meteorite Phurbas

Byakudan Koubunboku - Extra Sandalwood Incense - 110 sticks AUTUMN LEAVES JAPANESE INCENSE
Our Price: £11.95
Our Price: £4.95
Byakudan Koubunboku - Extra Sandalwood Incense - 110 sticks AUTUMN LEAVES JAPANESE INCENSE
Sandalwood is an evergreen tree of the Santalaceae family found predominantly in India. The sandalwood used in this incense is from the Mysore region and production is regulated by the Indian government. It is extremely famous for its production of superior quality Sandalwood as well as its premium price. The heartwood of the Sandalwood tree has been valued since ancient times for carving Buddhist statues and ritual objects. Its aroma is proclaimed in ancient works as; 'pure, powerful, emanating tranquility and when burnt it is superior to other incense aromas'.

Baieido uses only the highest quality Indian Mysore Sandalwood in making this incense.

Approximately 110 short sticks.
Stick length: Approx 14 cms
Burn time per stick: About 30 minutes per stick
Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan
Finest Quality!
A fine Japanese incense with the gentle spicy sweetness of cinnamon against a deep fragrant background of sandalwood. Combined with patchouli, gum benzoin and other medicinal plants to capture Kyoto in the fall.

Long rolls of 35 sticks.
60 minute burntime
Chenrezig, Manjushri & Vajrapani - Karma Gadri Style Dzogchen Teachings - Chogyal Namkhai Norbu
Our Price: £1,080.00
Our Price: £11.99
Chenrezig, Manjushri & Vajrapani - Karma Gadri Style Dzogchen Teachings - Namkai Norbu
A fine hand painted thangka of Chenrezig, Manjushri and Vajrapani. Painted in the Karma Gadri style. This is a horizontal thangka and therefore will not come framed with brocade. This is for the canvas painting only. We recommend that you have it framed professionally under glass, as this will display the thangka to its full potential.

Please note that this Thangka will be coming directly from our artist in Nepal, so will take 3 to 4 months  to complete. You will receive a Thangka of equal quality, painted by the same artist as the picture shown. It will be worth the wait!

Canvas Size:
approx width =  20 inches
approx height =  14 inches

This thangka will
This is a treasure trove of practical material, which focuses on the piercingly direct practices of Dzogchen, and which also encompasses much of the range of Buddhist practice. Written by one of the top tier of widely respected and acknowledged masters of the tradition, sophisticated in Western psychology, this volume will be highly valued by a range of Buddhist practitioners.

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Zhingkham Kunchab Chhoetrin

Our Price: £8.95
Nado Poizokhang Zhingkham Kunchab Chhoetrin Bhutanese Incense Sticks
The only authentic source for this incense in Europe.

Nado Poizokhang brings you another fine quality Bhutanese incense traditionally used for Riwo Sangcho offering. Prepared according to the formulation prescribed by Pema Karpo, the great yogi of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage. Includes clove, nutmeg, saffron, red and white sandalwood and a wealth of herbal medicinal ingedients.

Ideal for meditation, puja and ritual.

Hand prepared with great care
Burntime 1 hour +
length approx 9 inches

This incense will come in a white or pink pack depending on what has been sent to us by Nado Poizokhang in Bhutan. Both are indentical in quality.

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