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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and
the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Special Hand Beaten Copper Offering Bowls - 7 Bowls - 3" Diameter Deity Pendant - 10 Deities or Gurus to Choose from
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Special Hand Beaten Copper Offering Bowls - 7 Bowls
A very special set of hand beaten copper offering bowls. Each bowl has a raised base and a fire gilded edge at the rim of the top and base.

Hand crafted in Nepal
diameter approx 3 inches (78 mm)
height approx 54 mm

you will receive a full set of 7 bowls
We have a variety of these popular Tibetan deity pendants in stock. Please choose the Lama, Buddha or deity you require from the drop down menu.

diameter 35 mm

We currently have 9 different pendants to choose from.
Padmasambhava with 25 Disciples - Giclee Print Guru Rinpoche - His Life & Times
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Padmasambhava with 25 Disciples - Giclee Print
A unique Guru Rinpoche thangka reproduction printed on canvas. Tibetan sacred art is revered as a creation of enlightened consciousness. Its brilliant colors and forms awaken the mind and energize consciousness; its images stimulate capacities for visualization and nourish the heart. By evoking and communicating the qualities of realization directly, these images assure that insight will not be reduced to abstract concepts, but will remain a living experience. Tibetan pratictioners have used these precious images for over twelve hundred years to open the path of wisdom. Author(s) : Ngawang Zangpo

Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava, was the great Indian tantric master who brought Buddhism to Tibet and is revered as a second Buddha. This book presents four very different accounts of his life story: two Buddhist, one according to the pre-Buddhist Bon religion, and one based on Indian and early Tibetan historical documents. The two Tibetan Buddhist works are a Biography of Guru Rinpoche by Jamgon Kongtrul, and the Immaculate White Lotus by Dorje Tso. Then follows an Indian version of his life story by Taranata, a Bonpo version by Jamyang Kyentse Wongpo, and Supplications to Guru Rinpoche in Seven Chapters, as well as visualizations written to accompany these supplications by Jamgon Kongtrul.

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Dugje - Traditional Tibetan Incense Powder

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Dugje - Traditional Tibetan Incense Powder
Dugje incense is a special blend prepared according to the sacred formula of Palchen Dorje. It contains many medicinal grade ingredients that have been hand gathered, dried and then blended in the region of Yolmo, Nepal. The burning of this incense is particularly appropriate for protecting against harmful obstacle makers.

Simply sprinkle on charcoal or even an already lit stick of Tibetan incense that has been laid flat on a bed of ash.
approx 140 grams
Origin: Nepal

100% Natural!

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