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Are you unaware of the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death?
There is no permanent circumstance even today. The time
has come to bring forth enthusiasm for practice.
~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality FOUR ARMED CHENREZIG ~ Fine Art Giclee Print
Our Price: £12.00
Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality Chenrezig ~  Fine Art Giclee Print

A Himalayan incense of the finest quality. Prepared entirely by hand from Himalayan and Indian natural herbs, plant resins and spices. Includes the prized gugul resin.

This is how Himalayan herbal incense should smell! For those who are unfamiliar with Tibetan and Himalayan incense, it is important to point out that creating a good smell is not the only reason to burn incense. We feel the effect incense has on your body, mind and environment are just as important. The first time you burn this incense we encourage you to light a stick and leave the room for 15 minutes. When you return this will allow you to appreciate this incense more fully.

A unique antique thangka reproduction printed on canvas.  This is the four-armed representation of the Bodhisattva of compassion, accompanied by Amitabha, White Tara, and Ushnishavijaya. In his upraised right hand Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara holds a mala, and in his left hand the stem of a lotus blossom. His two lower hands are held palms-together in a traditional gesture of blessing. Below Avalokiteshvara are three fierce deities: Yamantaka, left, standing on a bull; the powerful protectress Palden Lhamo in the center, mounted on her mule, and the yaksha Jambhala, on the right.
Tibetan Book of the Dead - First Complete English Translation COPAL RESIN INCENSE
Our Price: £14.99
Our Price: £3.25
Tibetan Book of the Dead - First Complete English Translation Copal Resin Incense
Author: Gyurme Dorje and Edited by Graham Coleman with Thubten Jinpa

This is the first ever complete and unabridged translation of the Bardo Thodrol, popularly known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Created in close co-operation with a remarkable range of contemporary Tibetan masters, including guidance from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Zenkar Rinpoche and Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche, this new translation represents a major step in the understanding of the Tibetan Buddhist vision of our journey through life and death.
This gorgeous resin is extracted from the sap of the Bursera tree found in south and central America, India and the Phillipines. Its scent is a subtle mixture of pine and lemon. It has long been used for purification and protection of one's outer and inner environment.

30 grams - 100% natural
Simply sprinkle on a charcoal disc.
Tibetan Flag The Great Perfection - The Outer and Inner Preliminaries (Heart Essence)
Our Price: £19.95
Our Price: £16.95
Tibetan Flag The Great Perfection
A fine quality small Tibetan Flag. The snow lions have been painted by hand.

Suitable to be hung indoors.

Length approx 18 inches
Width approx 15.5 inches
The teachings in this volume are drawn largely from the writings of the great master Longchenpa and the root texts of the Khandro Nyingthig itself. The Third Dzogchen Rinpoche begins by discussing the correct way to study and practice the Dzogchen teachings. He then presents the outer and inner preliminary practices, or ngondro, which are considered essential for the correct practice of Dzogchen, as they ensure the practitioner has a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the Buddhist tradition.

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Om Mani Peme Hung Prayer Flags

Our Price: £8.00
Om Mani Peme Hung Prayer Flags
Our most affordable set of Mani Mantra flags designed to be hung in the home, small space or window. Flags read from left to right and say 'Om Mani Peme Hung' in Tibetan and also have the English phonetics underneath. Each of the colours represents one of the five elements and one of the five Buddha families.

Each Set contains 10 Flags
width = 4 inches
height = 4.5 inches
complete length of strand including the cord = 55 inches

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