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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and the
happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Brilliant Moon Hand Crafted Copper Stupa or Chorten
Our Price: £225.00
Hand Crafted Copper Stupa or Chorten
The Autobiography of Dilgo Khyentse

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991) was one of the most influential and respected Tibetan Buddhist masters of our age. There was something remarkable about his presence that impressed everyone who met him - a quality of mind that comes across even in photographs. Here is his memoir of an incredible life of study, teaching, and solitary retreat, told with a wealth of anecdotes and stories. It will be an inspiration to the readers of his numerous books - as well as to all Buddhist practitioners, who will welcome this rare opportunity to hear the experiences of a highly realized being in his own words.
A very well crafted copper stupa or chorten. The base is hollow to allow for the storing of mantras, relics etc.

Height approx 5.5 inches
Hand crafted in Nepal
Antique Tibetan Silver Pendant with Sherpa Coral Inlay Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Bhutanese Incense - Yellow - Approx 30 sticks
Our Price: £55.00
Our Price: £5.95
Antique Tibetan Silver Pendant with Sherpa Coral Inlay Lopen Tharpola - Kuengacholing Incense - Yellow
A lovely Tibetan silver chatelaine pendant with floral motif and inlaid with a sherpa coral glass bead. Suspension holes show sign of very old wear.

Origin: Collected in Tibet in the 1980s and part of the Stone Routes Collection.
Weight: 12 grams
central coral cabachon 14 mm
length 94 mm, width approx 32 mm
Age: 19th C
Material: Tibetan Silver with sherpa coral.
A standard size pack of hand rolled Lopen Tharpola Incense. Containing premium grade medicinal herbs and plant resins that are mainly found high in the Himalayas. Some of the prized ingredients include: clove, cardamom, nutmeg, carthamus, saffron, cinnamon, rhododendron, Sandalwood and other herbal ingredients and spices. Burning this incense is believed to enhance meditation practice, relaxation and is an excellent remedy for stress.

Free from chemicals and artificial scents. 100% natural!

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Our Price: £33.95
A rare 21 bead hand mala that is comprised of genuine aquamarine stone beads. Aquamarine is a member of the emerald or beryl family and this is the first time we have been able to source beads of this qualty.

8 mm beads
strung on elasticated cord

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