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Are you unaware of the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death?
There is no permanent circumstance even today. The time
has come to bring forth enthusiasm for practice.
~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Small Hand Painted Tibetan Shrine JE GAMPOPA RUPA - 7.5 inches - Partially Gilded
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Our Price: £395.00
Small Hand Painted Shrine GAMPOPA RUPA - 7.5 inches
A very nice hand crafted wooden shrine. Hand painted with a traditional Tibetan design to the front and sides. They could also be used to house sacred relics, stupas, small treasure vases or precious offerings.

Origin: Hand crafted and painted in Nepal
approx size:
170 mm height
150 mm width
120 mm depth

inside window measures 115 mm (height) x 95 mm (width)

Each piece is hand crafted, so please expect slight variations to the painted design.
A delightful partially gilded copper statue of Je Gampopa. He was also known in Tibet as Dagpo Lhaje and was the founder of the Kagyu monastic tradition. He is also recognised as the principle heart son of Jetsun Milarepa. The base is hollow to allow for consecration.

Cast using the ancient Lost Wax process.
Fire Gilded with 24K gold
height approx 7.5 inches
Origin: Nepal
Chenrezig Giclee Print RESIN WHITE TARA STATUE
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Chenrezig Giclee Print Resin White Tara Statue
A unique antique thangka reproduction printed on canvas.  This is the four-armed representation of the Bodhisattva of compassion, accompanied by Amitabha, White Tara, and Ushnishavijaya. In his upraised right hand Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara holds a mala, and in his left hand the stem of a lotus blossom. His two lower hands are held palms-together in a traditional gesture of blessing. Below Avalokiteshvara are three wrathful deities: Yamantaka, left, standing on a bull; the powerful protectress Palden Lhamo in the center, mounted on her mule, and the yaksha Jambhala, on the right. A small Nepalese resin statue.

approx 5.5 inches

White Tara is usually associated with longevity and is often referred to as the "Mother of all the Buddhas."

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Antique Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa Statue - 19th C

Our Price: £880.00
Antique Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa Statue - 19th C
A lovely old bronze statue of Vajrasattva or Dorje Sempa, the Buddha of Purification. He holds a vajra in his right hand and a bell or ghanta in his left hand. This piece came from an old collection here in the UK. The base is hollow to allow for consecration.

Origin: Himalayan, Nepal
Age: 19th C
Material: Bronze/Copper
height approx 5.25 inches
Condition: Mostly very good with weathering and patina commensurate with age.

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