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Are you unaware of the sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death?
There is no permanent circumstance even today. The time
has come to bring forth enthusiasm for practice.
~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

The Life of Milarepa: A New Translation from the Tibetan Zurchungpa's Testament
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The Life of Milarepa: A New Translation from the Tibetan Zurchungpa's Testament
Author: Gtsan-Smyon He-Ru-Ka/ Lhalungpa, Lobsang P. (TRN)/ Lhalungpa, Lobsang P.


A powerful and graphic folk tale, full of magic, disaster, feuds, deceptions and humour. Milarepa is still regarded as Tibet's greatest yogi and his story continues to inspire Buddhist practitioners of all lineages. He is famous for his spiritual songs (Dohas), in which he expresses the profundity of his realization of the dharma. He also had many disciples, male and female, including Rechung Dorje Drakpa and Gampopa. His female disciples include Rechungma, Padarbum, Sahle Aui and Tsheringma. It was Gampopa who became Milarepa's spiritual successor, continued his lineage, and became one of the main lineage masters in Milarepa's tradition.
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and translated by the Padmakara Group

Zurchungpa's Eighty Chapters of Personal Advice was the final teaching given by the great Nyingma master Zurchung Sherab Trakpa. The original text consists of 580 maxims, covering the entire path of Dzogchen from fundamental teachings through to a series of pith instructions that bring the Dzogchen view to life. Much of the meaning of these often cryptic instructions could be lost to the reader without further explanations, so this book contains a complete, detailed commentary on Zurchungpa's text by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Originally intended as essential instructions for a group of practitioners in three-year retreat, it will undoubtedly serve as an indispensable guide to anyone who seriously wishes to practice the Great Perfection.
Pleated Crescent Zafu - Buckwheat Finest Machik Labdrön Thangka
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Pleated Crescent Zafu - Buckwheat Machik Labdrön Thangka
Our crescent-shaped zafu slopes from 7.5" at the back to 4.5" at the front which ensures you pelvis remains above your knees, which is essential for extra  sitting comfort.

Crescent zafu cushions fulfil the same purpose as a traditional round zafu, though the crescent shape provides more support for your upper thighs, which some find more comfortable. Being approximately two thirds the size of a round zafu also makes it relatively lighter and more convenient to store and transport.

The cushion is pleated for extra durability and is filled with natural buckwheat hulls. They naturally conform to your body shape, whilst providing a stable platform to sit on. The cushion has a convenient handle for easy carrying and a hidden zip allows you to add or remove buckwheat hulls to adjust the loft to suit you.
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A super fine traditional thangka depicting Machik Labdrön, who was one of the greatest realised yoginis of Tibet. It is painted in the Karma Gadri style by a Tibetan artist with 30 years experience. This thangka is not to be confused with the much cheaper thangkas available from Nepal. Everything about this piece speaks quality. It is painted using natural stone pigment paints, which is very uncommon in todays marketplace. The rich brocade frame is absolutely exquisite and really complements this piece.

traditionally mounted with richly patterned maroon and golden yellow brocade
approx 50 inches height
approx 34 inches wide

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Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
or Chenrezig

Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum Hri

Traveling Altars create a sacred space wherever you go. These lovely tri-fold altar pieces feature a full-color thanka image framed by Tibetan landscapes and mythical creatures. The side panels fold forward to create a standing altar and the back central panel features an appropriate Buddhist quote framed with the same side panels. The traveling altar is laminated and has a vinyl carrying pouch. produced by Dharma Publishing

size closed: 5×7″ size open: 10×7″

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