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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and
the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Meteorite Phurbas

Green Tara Statue TERTON JIGME LINGPA ~ Fine Art Giclee Print
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Green Tara Statue TERTON JIGME LINGPA THANGKA ~  gTer-chen Jigs-med-gling-pa
A stunning dark oxidised copper statue of Green Tara inlaid with coral and turquoise cabachons. This is a large elegant piece that sits on a double lotus base. Always ready to leap into action, Green Tara is also seen as the Buddha of enlightened activity. Rescuing beings from samsara and protecting against the eight great fears, she is also known as the swift saviouress. This statues has been created by a master statue maker using the lost wax process. Statues of this quality are extremely rare.

Height approx 15 inches x 9.5 inches
Origin: Patan, Nepal
"If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the path, his body becomes a retreat hut" ~Jigme Lingpa~

A large Jigme Lingpa thangka reproduction, printed on giclee canvas. He was a renowned eighteenth-century Tertön and disciple of Longchenpa, Jigme Lingpa had many distinguished disciples in all four lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and revealed many important termas. He was the promulgator of the Longchen Nyingthik, the Heart Essence teachings of Longchenpa. The Longchen Nyingthik has become the most famous and widely practiced cycle of Dzogchen teachings.
The Great Perfection - The Outer and Inner Preliminaries (Heart Essence) Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality
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The Great Perfection Original Garuda Incense - Premium Quality
The teachings in this volume are drawn largely from the writings of the great master Longchenpa and the root texts of the Khandro Nyingthig itself. The Third Dzogchen Rinpoche begins by discussing the correct way to study and practice the Dzogchen teachings. He then presents the outer and inner preliminary practices, or ngondro, which are considered essential for the correct practice of Dzogchen, as they ensure the practitioner has a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the Buddhist tradition.

A Himalayan incense of the finest quality. Prepared entirely by hand from Himalayan and Indian natural herbs, plant resins and spices. Includes the prized gugul resin.

This is how Himalayan herbal incense should smell! For those who are unfamiliar with Tibetan and Himalayan incense, it is important to point out that creating a good smell is not the only reason to burn incense. We feel the effect incense has on your body, mind and environment are just as important. The first time you burn this incense we encourage you to light a stick and leave the room for 15 minutes. When you return this will allow you to appreciate this incense more fully.

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Green Tara Statue

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Green Tara Statue
A small Green Tara statue.

White Metal
Sourced in Nepal
height approx 59 mm
width approx 37 mm

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