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Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and
the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!

~ Guru Padmasambhava ~

Meteorite Phurbas

Dzogchen Essentials - The Path That Clarifies Confusion Luxury Pink Silk Brocade Zafu
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Dzogchen Essentials - The Path That Clarifies Confusion Luxury Pink Silk Brocade Zafu
Compiled by : Binder Schmidt, Marcia

Dzogchen Essentials offers an exciting, diverse selection of material, both new and traditional, for study and practice in the Dzogchen tradition. These teachings are principally about clarifying confusion, the mistaken ways we normally relate to our perceptions of environment, body, and senses. Rather than continue the habits of insisting on a solid reality, we are given skillful alternatives and practices and the method to integrate them with the view of the Great Perfection.
Exclusive to Garuda Trading.

A unique and luxurious silk brocade zafu that meditators will find extremely comfortable. They are a wonderful support for your posture when sitting cross legged on the floor and they can also be used for seiza posture. Finished with 100% natural silk brocade and filled with soft but firm natural kapok fibres. The top side has triangular sections of silk brocade and the carrying handle, sides and underside (3rd photo) are a beautiful rich pink brocade.

With zipper to allow the removal of the inner filling.
Pure Silk with Kapok inner.
diameter approx 11 inches height approx 7.5 inches

Please note that each cushion is unique and hand crafted, so the top triangular brocade sections may vary slightly in colour from the photo shown.
The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine: Awaken the Wisdom of the Five Dakinis ZABUTON MEDITATION MAT
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The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine ZABUTON MEDITATION MAT
[Audio Book] 5 CD set

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition carries exotic tales about fearless female "sky dancers" or "wisdom dakinis" who dance in limitless space and act as messengers, guides and protectors. These dakinis manifest the feminine wisdom energy that has been stripped from religions and cultures, energy that is so desperately needed in the world today. Tsultrim Allione takes you on a journey where the listener will learn how to embody the sacred energy of the five dakinis to bring strength, power and transformation to your life.

The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine is a complete, accessible curriculum designed to support women in their pursuit of enlightenment through the dakini wisdom energies.
The perfect partner to our zafu meditation cushions. The zabuton protects the knees and feet on hard surfaces and insulates the body from cold surfaces when meditating. Our design offers excellent cushioning and posture support. Each zabuton is packed with 2 kilos of hi-density recron fibre that is securely tufted into a cotton inner cover, forming a permanent inner cushion. It is finished with a tight fitting zippered outer cover that is made from a durable 100% cotton drill. This in turn is tufted in place to give the classic zabuton shape. This zabuton will last for years as you can both refill the inner cushion and if the cover becomes soiled it can be removed and washed or replaced by simply cutting the center tuft.

Specification: 100% tufted cotton drill outer with zip. Cotton fire-retardant interliner filled with fire-retardant non siliconized recron fibre.
Size 91cm x 71cm x 6cm
Weight: 3.4Kg
Colour: Blue, Black or Tibetan Red

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A great looking bone mala from Nepal.

Material: Water Buffalo Bone
Bead diameter approx 10 mm
Sourced in Nepal.

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