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Wild Earth Nepal

The Guru Padmasambhava Wooden Prayer Wheel ~ Natural Walnut Wood A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar
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Padmasambhava Prayer Wheel
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The Guru Padmasambhava Prayer Wheel ~ Natural Walnut Wood
Contains the powerful 7 line prayer which invokes the mind of Guru Rinpoche.

height approx 13 inches
Drum diameter approx 3 inches
Lightweight and easy to use, with silent action.
Contains 544,320 seven line prayers.

What is the Seven Line Prayer?

Author: Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

A profound commentary on two important texts on the preliminary practices, or ngondro, informed by Thinley Norbu's understanding of the concerns of Western practitioners. The main commentary is on the well-known Dudjom Tersar Ngondro, a terma revealed by Dudjom Lingpa. Also included is a second commentary, on a short prayer text (Tsogskhang Dechen) written by Dudjom Rinpoche. Together, these two commentaries offer the occasion for Thinley Norbu Rinpoche to impart his powerful insight into various aspects of the Buddhist path from the tantric point of view.
AMITABHA in Dewachen Visualisation Card Rare Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha
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AMITABHA VISUALISATION CARD Hand Carved Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha
Known as the compassionate Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitabha guides beings toward a favorable rebirth in Dewachen.

Colorful images of enlightenment for visualization and meditation, each laminated Sacred Art Card features a traditional brocade border and has a description and mantra of the deity or mandala on the back.

Size: 5 × 7″

produced by Dharma Publishing
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An incredibly rare quality hand carved lapis lazuli Medicine Buddha in the style of a Tsa Tsa tablet. In his right hand he holds the healing Myrobalan plant. This is a one off piece and was carved by a master stone carver in Nepal. A choice piece of lapis was selected with gorgeous cloud-like quartz inclusions and flecks of golden pyrite. Beautiful!

Hand carved in Nepal.
Material: Natural Lapis Lazuli
height approx 2.8 inches (72 mm)

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Special Tibetan Cup with 'Three Jewel' Design

Our Price: £55.00
Special Tibetan Cup with 'Three Jewel' Design
A beautifully designed ceramic Tibetan Lama cup with removable lid. Each piece displays a raised 'Three Jewels' motif that has been entirely painted by hand and then finished with 12K gold. This is a popular style because the lid helps keep the contents warm and also protects insects from an untimely demise. These cups are made for us by special commission, so they are of a quality not seen elsewhere. Each cup also comes with a matching saucer.

Colour: Royal Blue with Three Jewels Design
12k Gold Cup, Lid & Saucer/dish
Height approx 6 inches

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